SPiCE India 2024: Where Industry Connections Ignite Business Growth

SPiCE India 2024 proudly marks its 5th anniversary as India’s epicentre of transformative connections among industry leaders, championing emerging iGaming innovators, and elevating success metrics through impactful B2B networking.

“SPiCE India 2024 provides an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts with industry leaders on technical and commercial global developments. This will definitely have a cascading effect of ensuring best practices are adopted with respect to contracts and compliance in India.” – Mahesh Madan Bhat, Founder, MMB Legal

Since its groundbreaking debut in 2018, as the first event of its kind in India, SPiCE India has not only grown exponentially but has evolved into a magnetic force, attracting leading gaming organisations and influential figures from the Indian subcontinent, extending across Asia and globally. Over the years, it has seamlessly transformed into an annual spectacle, fostering meaningful connections, propelling business growth and transforming Goa into a monumental iGaming gathering.

As the pioneering event that kickstarted the renowned SPiCE Series, SPiCE India remains a crucial platform for brands to showcase their stories, emphasising accessibility, relatability, and real-time engagement with current and prospective partnerships. Delivering value to all industry stakeholders including operators, start-ups, regulators, affiliates, investors, advisors, and beyond, the summit has solidified its reputation as an indispensable cornerstone in India’s iGaming market.

Powering Affiliate Success

SPiCE India 2024 Affiliate Day provides a prime opportunity for attendees to delve into affiliate marketing. Focused on strengthening operator-affiliate partnerships, Day One features discussions on crucial themes such as the role of affiliate marketing in regulatory compliance, legal and tax considerations for affiliates, user experience and conversion optimisation. These sessions aim to equip participants with valuable strategies to thrive in the competitive realm of marketing and affiliations.

Gain Insights from Affiliate Experts:

“SPiCE India has emerged as an exceptional platform for connecting with gaming professionals and business leaders worldwide. Having been actively involved since its inception in India, I’ve discovered SPiCE to be an incredible avenue for gaming professionals to thrive.” – Sid Gupta, Co-founder and CMO, SilverAce Media Estonia

“The SPiCE India 2024 is a prominent gaming industry event, and we are eager to participate to gain in-depth insights and establish connections with well-known industry players.” – Soham Thacker, Founder & CEO, Gamerji

Navigating Legal Industry Changes

The legal terrain in India’s gaming industry is undergoing significant shifts. The government’s introduction of regulatory bodies marks a historic move towards formal regulation, addressing the critical categorisation of games as skill-based or chance-based. Simultaneously, the GST Council’s decision to impose a 28% tax on online gaming, coupled with pending legal amendments, adds complexity to the industry’s regulatory framework. The pressing need for increased discussion and collaboration showcases the importance of SPiCE India 2024.

Legal Prowess in the Spotlight:

“I look forward to experiencing the gaming ecosystem in-person, and having discussions on how recent regulatory developments have affected the operations, functioning, and interplay between stakeholders in the industry.” – Pranati Pandit, Advocate, MMB Legal

Skill-Based Gaming in the Digital Age

Amidst India’s tech surge, the summit shines a spotlight on the flourishing online gaming landscape. Diving into trending discussions, speakers will explore skill-based gaming, focusing on essential aspects of regulation, innovation, and responsible play; offering a glimpse into the industry’s evolution in the digital age.

Hot Takes from the Professionals:

“What distinguishes the event is a combination of rich and meaningful discussions, ample networking opportunities, and an in-depth introduction to the innovations happening in the Indian sub-continent.” – Amar Gahlot, Partner / Advocate, Metalegal Advocates

“SPiCE India 2024 holds immense importance as it brings together industry leaders and innovators to explore the limitless potential of the gaming and technology landscape.”- Ketan Joshi, Senior Associate, Maheshwari & Co.

More Than Just Business

Beyond the wealth of knowledge shared by a powerful speaker lineup and leading iGaming solution platforms on the exhibition floor, the summit offers participants the chance to truly develop close connections with fellow industry professionals. Featuring exciting supporting events including the SPiCE Breaker Networking Reception, SPiCE India Eventus Awards, SPiCE Party, and SPiCE It Up Poker Tournament, attendees can celebrate, raise a toast, and create lasting memories, commemorating SPiCE India’s five years of connecting leaders with leaders in the region.

“The youthful vibrancy and range of the event is what I am looking forward to. The event is generally very well organised and attended.” – Srinivas Kotni, Founder & Managing Partner, Lexport

“I am eagerly anticipating the vibrant and electrifying atmosphere at SPICE India, where iGaming enthusiasts and industry leaders converge, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.” – Parul Tarang Bhargava, Co-Founder & CEO, vCommission Media Pvt Ltd

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