Stats Perform Acquires Patented Technology from Thuuz Sports

Stats Perform, the SportsTech leader in data and AI technology, today announced the acquisition of platforms for creating automated video highlights and real-time excitement alerts from Palo Alto-based tech company Thuuz Sports.

The patented technology in the SmartReels and SmartRatings products will be incorporated into Stats Perform’s robust product portfolio to generate new opportunities for media, technology and betting customers.

SmartReels is a completely automated video highlight reel generation platform that unlocks fan engagement through personalization and scale. The highlight reels can be exported to any website, application or even an editing suite. SmartReels includes key features such as ‘Automated Highlights,’ ‘Catch-up To Live’ and ‘Personalized Sports Reels,’ providing easy-to-use customizable options across the entire production process, from video production personnel to fans.

SmartRatings provides customized excitement ratings, dynamic headlines and real-time excitement alerts, connecting fans to the games they want even if they aren’t watching live. By offering a real-time engagement platform, fans are delivered alerts that match their level of affinity.

“Fan engagement has become one of the biggest challenges in our industry, the way fans consume sport is fundamentally changing.  If you are in media and broadcast, there is a desire to get real-time alerts on exciting games and quickly find the right highlights to share socially or on screen,” Stats Perform Chief Executive Officer Carl Mergele said. “These unique AI-powered products will be added to Stats Perform’s media, technology, betting and fantasy solutions to help our customers yield a significant increase in  engagement on their platforms.”

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