The Beating Heart of the Industry: CasinoBeats Summit Witnesses Phenomenal Growth

The CasinoBeats Summit 2024 concluded on a high note, with industry veterans and newcomers alike praising the event for its content, networking opportunities, and exceptional atmosphere.

The latest edition of the SBC-led event, a nexus of innovation and strategy in the casino and iGaming domains drew 4,500 key players and thought leaders to Malta on May 21-23, underscoring its status as a cornerstone affair for the industry.

Commenting on the event’s significance for the island, Ivan Filletti, CEO, GamingMalta, said: “Malta is the Silicon Valley for iGaming, so having events like the CasinoBeats Summit, with all the energy it brings, along with the leadership and talent showcased in the various workshops, conferences, and networking events, helps us keep the beating heart of the industry on the island.”

With the event’s sixth iteration drawing 50% more operators and 45% more affiliate representatives than last year, participants took note of its growth and appreciated the enhanced networking opportunities provided.

When asked about her reason for attending the Summit, particularly considering the long journey from South Africa, Sasha Boerma, Head of Casino and Affiliates at White Label Casinos, commented: “The reason why I was motivated to come to CasinoBeats Summit is the phenomenal growth of the event. I feel like I’m spoiled for choice with the networking opportunities here.”

Boerma also highlighted the summit’s unique offerings, such as the streamers stage. “These are people that we find really hard to contact and engage with, and here they are in the room. We get to see them live in action and speak to them, and I feel like that’s such a unique opportunity,” she added.

Gary Keaney, Director of Bingo & Community at Entain, also praised the event for its inclusive agenda that delves into niche areas, often overlooked at other industry events. “It’s good to see an event like this explore areas, like bingo, that are not traditionally highlighted,” Keaney noted.

Headlining the event was John Romero, an award-winning programmer, game designer, and level designer celebrated for his work on iconic classics like ‘Doom’ and ‘Wolfenstein 3D.’

“The keynote speaker today provided a very different perspective. This blend of viewpoints shows that we can learn from various angles and allows us to have debates and discussions, learn from each other, and bring that knowledge back to our respective workplaces,” Keaney said.

He added: “We can take different flavours from things that we learn and go in different directions to see what lands. Innovation is quite hard to come by, so if we’re all able to discuss what we believe is the right general direction, the paths we take will hopefully lead to more entertaining and fun results for the end users we’re all trying to cater to.”

Martin Collins, Chief Business Development Officer at Soft2Bet, described the CasinoBeats Summit as a warm and welcoming environment. Collins noted the lack of corporate stiffness, allowing attendees to engage more authentically and foster meaningful business relationships. “It’s more relaxed, and as a consequence, you get more business out of it,” he said.

In praising the organisation of the Summit, Collins commended SBC for empowering participants to actively engage in the process. “The one thing SBC does, perhaps more than any other event partner, is really put the onus on us. The direction is not dictated by the event partner; you allow the experts to define the content, what the stands look like, and how they present themselves. This freedom allows us to achieve our goals while being in control of the process,” he explained.

Tero Vienonen, Head of Commercial at Logifuture, emphasised the event’s effectiveness in facilitating networking opportunities. “I’ve always found this event to be very good for networking with key decision-makers in the industry,” he remarked, highlighting the importance of building relationships with potential partners to further Logifuture’s B2B endeavours.

The Logifuture representative also highlighted the Summit’s role in helping his company understand the needs and geographic interests of its partners, underscoring the strategic value of participating in events like CasinoBeats to inform market strategies. Moreover, Vienonen praised the practicality of the Summit, noting its ease of navigation and accessibility for setting up meetings with industry stakeholders. “The practical side of it, the fact that it’s easy to navigate and set up meetings is the strength of this place,” he affirmed.

Ross Parkhill, CEO of Rhino Entertainment and a longstanding participant of the CasinoBeats Summit highlighted its unwavering focus on key industry concerns. “I think it’s a nice format, very industry-focused on the operator side or supplier side, focused around the product, which not all shows are,” he remarked.

One of the most notable aspects of the Summit, as Parkhill noted, was its ability to attract a diverse range of attendees, including those who may not always be directly involved in day-to-day operations. In addition, Parkhill commended the Summit’s exhibition floor, where he encountered both familiar and burgeoning suppliers. “I was impressed with the exhibition floor; there were some suppliers that I hadn’t seen before or some that I had seen but weren’t quite the size they are now,” he noted.

Gali Hartuv, CEO of WarriorLab, also a dedicated follower of SBC for years, shared his insights as an active participant in workshops and conferences, noting the genuine interest and engagement of attendees and the event’s well-organised structure and relevant content tailored to attendees’ interests.

“A lot of the topics that I’ve seen on the agenda were relevant; it’s what the industry is asking about now, it’s what everyone is focusing on. I saw conversations around poker, conversations about monetisation, and conversations around responsible gambling. SBC hit the content relevance out of the park,” he said.

Among the voices echoing the positive sentiment was Nick Maroudas, Global CTIO of kwiff. Discussing the breadth of topics covered at the Summit, Maroudas expressed appreciation for the diverse range of discussions available. “I’ve managed to actually attend a few, so I’ve gotten some questions answered that I had in my mind and got information that I can take back to the office with me.”

The CTIO also emphasised the importance of diversity in industry events, noting that CasinoBeats attracts professionals from various sectors within the industry. “This industry is not only made up of the commercial parts of the business; it’s made up of technology, marketers, and the payment guys. So, to have this diversity reflected in an exhibition or conference really makes it more engaging.”

Reflecting on her experience at the Summit, Julia Weygandt of Tornado Games expressed appreciation for SBC’s initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion, particularly through events like the Women in Gaming breakfast and sessions on breaking biases.

The Chief Operations Officer commented: “The thing that makes SBC stand out is that you always take care of everyone. It’s not just going to a conference and then you have all these events happening, and you have to figure out where to go. You make sure everyone is very well taken care of. I send a message and I get a reply instantly. It’s the fact that you focus on that partnership and that relationship.”

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