The Future of Esports Communities

It’s a fact, esports is evolving at a pace quicker than ever before and there’s no sign of slowing down. This growth brings a seemingly infinite stream of expansion opportunities for ambitious operators throughout the sector.

However, the esports industry is made up of a variety of individual communities, all with their own trends and engagement nuances. Understanding these differences will be key to an operator’s success and their ability to be viewed as an authentic part of the esports industry.

Further to a recent RoundTable on the same subject, our expert contributors will share the most effective ways to construct your product offering, allowing you to segment and interact with audiences across the various communities. Optimise player interaction now and future-proof your sportsbook!

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Magazine Contributors

Mark Cole

Adam Boothe
Senior Director of Esports

Stepan Shulga
Head of Peru (Parimatch Brand)
Risk Inc

Amir Mirzaee
Bayes Esports

Moderator: Karl Bray
Product Director
Formerly of Luckbox