The Future of Workplace Culture, with Alexandra Krone, Chief People Officer, GAMOMAT

Workplace culture and mental health may have been something that a lot of us took for granted in the past. However, the pandemic has completely changed the way we now work and interact with each other both on a personal and interactive level. More people working from home and lacking human interaction means mental health now needs to be a priority for businesses to ensure a sustainable workforce that can help the company grow, the right way.

We spoke with Alexandra Krone, Chief People Officer at GAMOMAT to find out more about ‘the right way’ of dealing with these issues and how effective, caring management of staff can be demonstrated in such a high-pressure industry as iGaming and what this means for the future of our industry.

What has the last year taught us as an industry about the importance of workplace culture and how can this be used to improve workplace culture going forward?

“The Corona pandemic last year made it patently clear how quickly the framework for daily work conditions, previously taken for granted, can change from one day to the next. This overnight change placed great demands on the flexibility and adaptability of companies.

A major shift in the work dynamic was a move to remote working.

Suddenly it was vital to expand new models of cooperation that diverged away from classic mechanics of cultures based on being face-to-face with colleagues. Comprehensive changes delivered at speed have the potential to trigger uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Clearly formulated, credibly lived and above all shared corporate values provide orientation and support for those involved.

Corporate culture provides the rock in the storm that acts as the support during times of crisis. I’m convinced that sustainable corporate success is only possible if the focus on nurturing corporate culture is increasingly understood as a strategic success factor – and all the more so in these uncertain times.”

Lockdown has undoubtedly impacted everyone’s mental health to some extent. But what can fast-paced, high-pressure industries like iGaming do, especially, to support their staff’s mental health?

“Research has revealed that leadership behaviour is a very decisive factor for the health of employees.

Companies are therefore strongly advised, especially during the crisis, to establish and maintain a healthy corporate culture through a very consistent selection and development of managers.

What constitutes healthy leadership? First of all, healthy leadership conveys security through predictable behaviour and clearly communicated information – especially when it comes to delivering uncomfortable messages. It builds on trust and not on control, thus creating room for manoeuvre. And last but not least, it ensures a good team environment for the long term through value-oriented recruiting that places the social competence of the candidates at the centre of personnel decisions.”

How can being officially recognised by an organisation such as Great Place To Work Institute help with a company’s growth?

“Certification of the corporate culture by an independent and internationally recognised institute such as Great Place to Work gives the assessment a very high degree of credibility. This is invaluable for strengthening the employer brand in external communication.

The certification is taken very seriously by potential applicants because it is well known and very demanding.

Behind the award is a very intricate process consisting of an anonymous employee survey as well as an extensive audit of all HR concepts. As part of its growth over the past year, GAMOMAT has sought and found many new talents thanks to our value-oriented corporate culture which has now become much more visible to the in-demand brightest prospects.”

What further plans for sustainable growth does Gamomat have for the year ahead?

“Over the coming year, we will continue to deliver on our growth strategy and enrich our team with further talent. However, we are convinced that this will only be successful in the long term if we succeed in maintaining our high standards of human resources work and, in particular, the value-oriented design of our corporate culture. Therefore, also for 2021, one of our most important priorities is to be reliable and credible, or in other words, be an excellent employer.”

Editor’s Note: From speaking with Alexandra It’s been made evidently clear that the time for nurture is now. In such stormy times, as we’ve seen in the world recently, corporate culture can actually be the rock that provides support in a time of crisis.

Especially operating in high-pressure environments such as iGaming, some staff may be more at risk of mental health than most. Alexandra advises that clear communication and predictable behaviour are the key factors in keeping your staff satisfied and happy. Placing social competence of candidates at the centre of personnel decisions will benefit in the long run.

GAMOMAT has sought and found many new talents thanks to their value-oriented corporate culture which has now become much more visible to the in-demand brightest prospects. Gamomat are a great example of how companies in our industry should be prioritising mental health and workplace culture. A trend we expect to see continue throughout our industry if we are to continue to grow sustainably.


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