The Responsible Gambling Index By Gamblers Connect – A Revolutionary Innovation

This week sees Gjorgje Ristikj, CEO from leading affiliate,, discuss how they are contributing to the future of sustainable and responsible gaming. 

In the world of online casinos, change is often a welcome disruption, especially when it’s for the better. Enter Gamblers Connect, a trailblazing casino affiliate that’s set to revolutionize the way affiliates conduct their business. While most affiliates rely heavily on casino traffic to turn a profit, Gamblers Connect is about to challenge the status quo. Allow us to introduce you to their brainchild, the Responsible Gambling Index—an innovation with a singular mission: to compel online casino operators to enhance their responsible gambling policies, ultimately benefiting the players.

Gamblers Connect is a staunch advocate for responsible gambling. Their project aims to permanently alter how online casinos interact with players, encouraging them to create a secure gambling environment that genuinely supports individuals struggling with gambling addiction. The objective of this revolutionary Responsible Gambling Index is simple: evaluate all online casinos on their website and grade them based on strict criteria. What’s truly refreshing is that Gamblers Connect conducts these evaluations regardless of a casino’s reputation in the industry.

Here’s how it works: The Responsible Gambling Index by Gamblers Connect utilizes five grades, each rooted in a comprehensive set of 12 tools for responsible gambling and safer play, which every online casino should possess. Gamblers Connect’s mission is clear: to motivate casino operators lacking any of these 12 tools to integrate them, thereby offering players a comprehensive responsible gambling experience for safer play. The grade an operator receives depends entirely on the extent to which they implement these 12 crucial features.

Attaining the Exceptional Grade is no small feat. It requires a casino to offer a minimum of 11 out of the 12 safety features. Surprisingly, the number of casinos achieving this exceptional status is lower than one might anticipate. This underscores the need for improved responsible gambling policies. With that being said, Gamblers Connect has based the evaluation process on a total of 12 tools for responsible gambling that are quintessential in the battle against gambling addiction:

  1. Reality Check
  • A pop-up is triggered at certain time intervals to remind players to take a break / stop playing.
  1. Self-Exclusion
  • Allowing customers to put their account on temporary (reversible) hiatus.
  1. Prevention of Underage Gambling
  • Checking the age of customers who appear to be, or are suspected of being underage/minors.
  1. Responsible Gambling Policy
  • Responsible gambling is policies and programs designed to prevent and reduce potential harms associated with gambling.
  1. Access Account History
  • Provide customers with easily accessible information about their current balances and facilities that enable them to review previous gambling and account transactions.
  1. Ethical and Responsible Marketing
  • Operators should comply with the relevant regulatory advertising codes of practice which typically ensure that advertisements are factually correct and do not target underage or vulnerable gamblers, such as customers who have self-excluded themselves from gambling. It is also expected that operators should seek permission from the customer before engaging in direct marketing through the use of the customer’s personal details.
  1. Deposit Limits
  • Used for enforcing a limit on deposits.
  1. Wagering Limits
  • Set limits on how much money the customer wishes to wager while playing.
  1. Session Limits
  • Customers have the ability to set a Session Time Limit in addition to other limits offered by the iGaming Operator. It allows the customer to be in control of the time spent gambling and offers the option to activate Daily, Weekly and Monthly Time Limits.
  1. Loss Limits
  • Set a limit on how much funds the customer can lose or transfer for a period of his choice
  1. Self-Assessment
  • If a customer is concerned about his gambling or he suspects that he or she may be developing a gambling problem, he can take a Self-Assessment Test. The results will help him understand his gambling habits and assist him in addressing any potential gambling issues.
  1. Budget Calculator
  • The budget calculator can be used to analyze spending habits and review how much of a customer’s discretionary income he or she spends on gambling.

Once a casino attains the esteemed Exceptional Grade, this accomplishment will be prominently highlighted in multiple strategic locations. It will take center stage within the casino review, positioned just beneath the casino’s overall grade, and given special attention within the review itself.

Additionally, every casino that achieves this Exceptional grade will be presented with the prestigious Gamblers Connect Exceptional Awareness Badge. This badge serves as a crystal-clear signal that players are interacting with a casino that fully meets all the prerequisites for responsible gaming. Consequently, it will receive prominent placement on Gamblers Connect’s official LinkedIn page where Gamblers Connect will post the most responsible casino operator each month.

There are numerous responsible gambling tools and advocates for safer play available on the internet, and how well an operator will do on the Responsible Gambling Index is entirely within their control. The more tools and features they incorporate, the higher their score will be. The goal is to motivate operators to take safer play seriously and make strides in improving their responsible gambling policies. The essence of this initiative is to encourage online casinos that may not prioritize this aspect of gambling, which is something Gamblers Connect is aiming to change. The primary objective of the Responsible Gambling Index is to serve as a neutral third party, fostering a harmonious relationship between online casinos and responsible gambling organizations.

The Responsible Gambling Index is more than just a rating system; it’s a catalyst for change. Its primary purpose is to encourage operators to reevaluate their approach to responsible gambling. By doing so, they can enrich their policies, ensuring players have access to a completely transparent and player-friendly gambling platform.

In conclusion, Gamblers Connect’s Responsible Gambling Index is a beacon of hope for a safer and more responsible online gambling environment. It sets a new standard for casino operators, urging them to prioritize player well-being. Through this innovative index, Gamblers Connect is reshaping the future of online gambling, one responsible casino at a time.

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