Twain Sport Unleashes Football Hybrid with T-Kick

Twain Sport, the innovative live sport vertical from the Hybrid Sports League and BetGames, has doubled its roster of available products with T-Kick, its brand-new high-octane football experience.

Set to go live in February, the much-anticipated arrival of the world’s most popular sport into Twain Sport’s portfolio will deliver head-to-head tournaments, with games every three minutes, totalling a huge 6,300 matches each month.

Already in high demand from Twain Sport’s tier one partners, Tick-Kick will be broadcast from a custom-built arena, and like its sister product T-Basket, is designed to bridge the gap in demand for increased live sport with high-frequency entertainment.

T-Kick features professional athletes competing head-to-head to score the most points in 60 seconds, shooting footballs at a series of illuminated targets within the goalmouth.

Over 30 athletes will compete in the inaugural season one, two of whom have taken part in the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup while four other competitors have represented their national teams at full international level, including FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Bettors will experience the next-generation action through an extensive range of betting markets via an intuitive mobile-first designed UI. In total, eight players compete in a single tournament with two groups of four players. The two best players advance from each group into the semi-finals and final.

T-Kick is subject to the stringent, market-leading integrity measures as all Twain Sport competitions. Using Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System and anti-match fixing protocols, Twain Sport can offer its tier-one operator partners the world’s very best protection.

Commenting on the launch, BetGames’ CEO Andreas Koeberl said: “After the successful launch of T-Basket we’re now ready to launch our second eagerly awaited live sports betting experience. Being based on football, T-Kick is going to expand the market potential for Twain Sport and we couldn’t be prouder, or more excited to announce its debut.

“The same fun-to-watch, easy-to-understand concept is delivered with T-Kick and we’re confident that this will translate into new revenue opportunities for our partners as a true product that bridges the gap in demand for high-frequency, high-turnover live betting.”

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