Ubisoft and GRID Forge Esports Data Alliance

GRID has been appointed as the definitive Esports Live Data Platform for multiple years and is set to collaborate with Ubisoft to enhance the esports data ecosystem for BLAST R6, with data debuting at the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta.

The agreement entrusts GRID Esports with the exclusive management and distribution of official BLAST R6 data, spanning significant international and regional competitions, including BLAST Majors and Six Invitationals. In alliance with Ubisoft, GRID has developed the requisite data infrastructure and APIs to harness detailed, live data directly from esports game servers.

These esports data assets encompass in-depth, real-time statistics covering professional players, teams, and match-ups, accessible solely via the GRID Data Platform. This initiative begins with data from the forthcoming BLAST R6 Major Atlanta.

Both Ubisoft and GRID are dedicated to a collaborative effort aimed at leveraging data to enrich the Rainbow Six Esports environment. This partnership anticipates advancements in fan engagement, broadcast innovation, coaching resources for players, and maintaining the integrity of the competitive scene.

“At Ubisoft, we recognize the need to innovate in the fast-paced space that esports is, and to keep our community constantly engaged. Our partnership with GRID and the shared understanding of our esports data’s potential promises to unlock exciting opportunities to engage fans and innovate across the board,” says Francois Tallec, VP of brand and transmedia Partnerships at Ubisoft.

“The legacy of Rainbow Six Siege is a great foundation to build upon and we are excited to make esports game data part of this incredible ecosystem. Partnering with Ubisoft we are looking forward to leveraging together the GRID Data Platform for the purpose of building an Esports data ecosystem and fueling growth of the Rainbow Six Esports scene,” says Moritz Maurer, CEO and Founder of GRID Esports.

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