UK Elections: The Final Countdown, Change Is Coming

The result, as every bookie and pundit is pretty keen to point out, is a foregone conclusion.

But as millions of Britons go to one of the nation’s 40,000 polling stations today to vote in the parliamentary elections, the fascinating odds are not on who will be the next prime minister but who–among a mob of squabbling Tory tyros–will be the next leader of the Conservative party.

And with Labour party supremo Keir Starmer being given a near 100 percent chance of being voted into office, it’s not even certain that the Conservatives–in power for the last 14-years–will have enough of the 650 parliamentary seats to make up the official opposition.

The Tories are expected to be given a historic hammering — perhaps the biggest parliamentary electoral drubbing in 100-years. And, equally remarkably, the bets reveal that Nigel Farage, the Brexit catalyser and controversial political disruptor, now of the Reform party, is the hot favourite to replace Rishi Sunak as Conservative leader.

All this, of course, if the odds play out.

The Economist weekly newspaper-of-record has collated a poll-of-polls that predicts Labour will win 465 parliamentary seats, more than enough to give it a so-called “super-majority”, which will ensure it rules Britain for at least the next decade.

What this means for ongoing UK gambling reform, hitherto halting, confused, unresolved, despite the (semi-) publication of a White Paper, remains to be seen.

For example, will Labour, ostensibly progressive in so many ways, prove to be the proverbial “Sunday school marm” and roll-out swingeing anti-betting legislation?

The runes, to be true, are not good.

Vote Today

Returning to today, the biggest gaming action, confirms blue chip William Hill, is betting on who will be next Tory leader.

Assuming the predicted massive General Election loss–and subsequent resignation or defenestration of Rishi Sunak–, the joint favourites are Action Man Tom Tugendhat, Home Secretary James Cleverly and the aforementioned Farage at 7/1, all being given an 87.5 percent chance of winning the prize, if prize it is.

The daunting Penny Mordaunt, Leader of the House of Commons and of sword-wielding royal coronation fame, rides a close second at 6/1 (85 percent), followed by Priti Patel at 5/1 and Kemi Badenoch at 11/4.

All is dependent–one should caution–on the proviso that these leaders-in-waiting retain their parliamentary seats in the first place.

The same, of course, applies to a certain Boris Johnson M.P., self-described Churchillian avatar, still hovering in the wings; waiting for the bugle call to save his party and his nation.

Watch this space.

But first: Don’t forget to vote.

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Additional reporting by Lauren Harrison

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