iGaming’s Road to World Cup 2022: How to Leverage Peak Traffic Periods

Understand how to maximise revenue from the World Cup

As we gear up for an exciting year of top tier sports events, topped off with the highly anticipated Qatar World Cup, operators are now faced with the challenge of implementing strategies that will enable them to leverage these peak traffic periods and maximise player engagement.

Operators rely heavily upon the capabilities of their digital platforms to deliver a leading customer experience while also being able to introduce new UX themes, markets and rules of engagement, as they transition promotions from one major event to another. However, working with larger platform providers can be a challenge as their ability to provide a tailored approach is severely limited.

This session will look at some of the best ways to engage with your customer base during major sporting events, whilst also exploring the key aspects of your platform that are needed to truly engage players and maximise their online experience, especially in tournament season!


By watching this essential roundtable, you will discover:

  • Player engagement during the tournament period
  • Achieving true brand customisation
  • Finding the right partner

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On Demand from: 1st February 2022
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Meet our Expert Speakers

Tom Piliksers

Head of Sportsbook


Anders Hauberg Nielsen

Global Head of Sportsbook

Simon Noble

Sportsbook Product Director
Champion Sports

Mark McGuinness

Marketing Director
Dam Mad Media

Ross Haffie

Head of Sportsbook