WA.Technology Joins AIEJA as Official Member in México

WA.Technology has successfully become an official member of AIEJA, the Mexican Association of Permit Holders, Operators, and Suppliers of the Entertainment and Betting Industry.

AIEJA plays a crucial role as a civil association, fostering a collaborative environment where members can enhance their dialogue capabilities. This association emphasizes the economic, fiscal, and social contributions of the entertainment and gaming sectors in Mexico.

The collective efforts of AIEJA focus on advocating for responsible industry practices, driving legislative reforms related to the General Gaming and Lottery Law, protecting against unfair practices, and supporting equitable working conditions for both direct and indirect employment generated by the sector.

WA.Technology’s commitment to the Mexican iGaming market is reflected in its decision to join AIEJA. This membership guarantees operators solid support in their market entry decisions, providing a safe, efficient, and compliant integration with the Mexican market. Membership also ensures that WA.Technology adheres to all necessary security measures, cyber protection, and development protocols, meeting the highest quality standards.

As a key supplier in the region, WA.Technology reinforces investor and consumer confidence by aligning with local regulations, best practices, and control measures.

Axel Antillón, Regional Director of LATAM for WA.Technology, expressed his excitement about this new partnership and stated: “Joining AIEJA not only strengthens our presence in the Mexican market but also aligns us with top industry leaders dedicated to promoting transparency and innovation. This membership is a testament to our commitment to delivering safe, high-quality gaming experiences.”

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