White Hat Gaming PAM Live with Casino and Sportsbook in NJ

Players in the US state of New Jersey have become the latest to gain access to White Hat Gaming’s proprietary PAM including the provider’s first-to-market Travelling Wallet solution for casino and sportsbook.  

The Travelling Wallet enables players to move from state to state and between gaming verticals, retaining their balance in each without the need to transfer additional funds.  

Launched in Q1 2020, the solution has seen significant uptake across the US, having been introduced in seven states to date with further expansion planned in the coming months.  

The process offers the player a seamless wallet functionality, with background transfers recorded in state ledgers for regulatory reporting and accounting purposes. 

White Hat Gaming’s COO, Rob Fell, said: “It’s great to be able to offer gamers travelling to New Jersey the flexibility to enjoy casino in this way, thanks to our Travelling Wallet.

“As the regulation of US markets continues, we are proud to be offering operators and their players a solution that isn’t limited by state lines.

“The US opportunity has not been overstated and we are delighted and proud to be rolling out the Travelling Wallet at such a tremendous pace. We look forward to boosting the player experience further as this growth continues.” 

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