William Hill Commits Eurovision Proceeds to Aid for Ukraine

As the countdown to the Liverpool-hosted Eurovision final enters its final 24 hours, prominent iGaming operator, William Hill, has committed to channel all profits from its Eurovision market to support Ukrainian relief initiatives within the UK.

All profits from the Eurovision bets placed through William Hill’s iGaming platform will be allocated to the laudable Support Ukraine initiative. This contribution will be instrumental in the procurement of essential commodities such as food and toys, and in providing crucial humanitarian aid to the significant population of Ukrainians displaced within the UK, as well as their families overseas.

The Support Ukraine Coordination Hub, a burgeoning charity initiative headquartered in London, has been at the forefront of supplying essential aid, including food and toys, to the increasing number of Ukrainians seeking refuge in the UK capital. They have also been pivotal in delivering meals and aid to families remaining in or unable to exit Ukraine.

William Hill will announce the final donation sum following the conclusion of the Eurovision Song Contest on Monday, emphasizing their commitment to contributing to the Ukrainian relief effort through their iGaming operations.

William Hill spokesperson, Lee Phelps said, “We will be pledging 100% of our profits made on the Eurovision market to the brilliant Support Ukraine charity. If you place a bet on the Eurovision market this weekend, Ukraine will win regardless of if customer bet slips are successful.

“It has been over a year since millions of Ukrainians had their worlds turned upside down, and on the weekend of a Eurovision that should be being held in Kyiv, it is a stark reminder that the fight is ever-present – but so too are the relief efforts, and the resilience shown by a nation with a heart of steel. We must not forget the disasters Ukrainians are still battling through, and the continued support Ukrainians require both in their home country and for those who have sought refuge here in the UK.”

A spokesperson for Support Ukraine at added, “We are immensely grateful for all the support Ukrainians have received from the UK and British people, and for their grand offer to host Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine. We are especially thankful to William Hill for their fantastic gesture to donate all profits from betting on the event to our cause. We are deeply touched.

“The money will help provide necessities to those effected on or near to the front line and de-occupied territories, including medical aid such as medicine and much needed medical evacuation vehicles.”

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