William Hill Enhances Customer Engagement with 2mee Partnership

William Hill has entered into a strategic partnership with 2mee, a pioneering technology platform renowned for fostering human connection through innovative engagement solutions. This collaboration will see William Hill integrate 2mee’s proprietary HoloMessage® technology to enhance customer interaction across its website and mobile app.

The HoloMessage® solution allows William Hill to deliver video messages from its team and brand influencers directly to customers via clickable pop-ups. This approach has already shown transformative results, significantly boosting engagement and creating awareness of personalized bonuses and offers among its active player base. The integration of HoloMessage® has also contributed to increased net promoter scores and extended user lifetime value.

Looking ahead, William Hill plans to deploy HoloMessage® at critical decision points throughout the customer journey. Influencers will be able to record messages directly from their smartphones, which will then be distributed via the 2mee platform.

The initial campaign using HoloMessage® targeted a segmented audience to encourage opt-ins for marketing campaigns. The results were remarkable, with a single influencer HoloMessage® outperforming a 31-day persistent banner ad by 340%. The campaign achieved an average engagement rate of 55%, peaking at 64.9%, and led to a significant increase in customer opt-ins, projecting substantial annual revenue growth.

2mee’s HoloMessage® offers numerous applications for operators like William Hill, including delivering essential educational and informational messages about compliance and responsible gambling. This is particularly beneficial during player onboarding, where a lack of information often results in high drop-off rates.

Additionally, HoloMessage® can be utilized for player retention and win-back campaigns, ensuring continuous engagement with current players and re-engaging those who have lapsed.

This partnership exemplifies the innovative strategies being employed in the igaming industry to enhance player engagement and retention through personalized, real-time communication.

James Riley, CEO of 2mee, said: “We are thrilled to be working with such a high-calibre operator and for William Hill to have enjoyed such a significant uplift in engagement, sign-ups and ultimately revenues from the very first deployment of 2mee’s HoloMessage®.

“This is of course just the start of our partnership and we have already identified many other areas in which HoloMessage® can strengthen engagement, foster brand loyalty and ultimately provide a significant boost to customer lifetime value and revenue.”

Matt Baulk, Head of Personalisation & Product at William Hill, added: “We’ve achieved remarkable success with our initial deployment of HoloMessage®, leading us to expand its usage across various touch points in the customer journey, from compliance messaging to sportsbook offers. The technology’s simplicity, from recording to deployment, makes it incredibly user-friendly”.

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