Winning CRM Strategy with Greco and Fast Track

In the dynamic landscape of iGaming, a long-standing challenge has been the siloing of data within organisations, coupled with the manual handling of tasks that are now ripe for automation.

For the past seven years, Fast Track has been tackling this mission head-on, with a vision of digitalising the iGaming industry and completely transforming CRM operations by delivering the first self-learning CRM platform, tailored exclusively for iGaming.

The advent of cutting-edge AI technology marks a significant turning point, enabling the seamless execution of crucial operations on a large scale with minimal human intervention. Fast Track has been quick to recognise the incredible potential benefits that this type of technology can bring to the iGaming industry. The platform effectively applies this technology, acting as a major catalyst for growth, redefining the future of CRM by providing over 100 global partners with the tools they need to scale effortlessly.

In its relentless pursuit of innovation, Fast Track joined forces with Greco, a pioneering gameplay risk engine which solves a massive challenge for operators: bonus abuse. The Greco platform is a tool which analyses behavioural patterns in real-time and proactively prevents bonus abuse.

Why the Greco-Fast Track partnership is the winning combination for the industry

Traditionally, operators were limited in the types and value of offers they could send out to their player base, having to strike a delicate balance between providing appealing enough offers to legitimate players, while at the same time discouraging abusers. Greco is the key to deep insights into the risk and value associated with a player, enabling operators to make more informed decisions about their bonus offerings.

Operators can now automate behavioural risk-based segmentation, proactively prevent abusive behaviour and ensure that bonus offers are enjoyed by genuine players who contribute positively to the platform.

This direct two-way integration between Fast Track and Greco essentially means that Greco data is sent directly to Fast Track to influence segmentation – and vice versa. This partnership provides the industry with a comprehensive suite of tools to help operators innovate and grow. Greco unlocks the potential for operators to deliver CRM campaigns and content in any way they choose. By understanding the player’s intent, operators can automatically filter out bad players who skew all the numbers through segmentation and leverage the power of Fast Track’s Singularity Model to deliver hyper-personalized (1:1) experiences at scale, rewarding their loyal players with campaigns that are crafted specifically for them.

This combination is setting the new standard on how to conduct CRM in the industry. Operators who understand the power of such technology are already capitalising on these ground-breaking tools to put the player at the centre of their strategy, and are gaining a competitive advantage over those who, to this day, still send blanket campaigns to large

Fast Track and Greco is the perfect combination of great technology and deep industry knowledge. It has proven to be a catalyst of real-time intervention which frees up resources and allows teams to focus on tasks that truly drive growth, resulting in significant cost savings.

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