21BET from TVBET got updated to Blackjack

TVBET made a strategic update of one of its key games — 21Bet. Now the game is called Blackjack in the TVBET's suite, and the rules in it have been standardized to the generally accepted rules of the world-famous Blackjack game.

The live game provider is constantly improving the existing products. This time, its online-streaming game 21Bet has been updated. Now it has the name Blackjack and more familiar rules to players. The updated game promises to be even more exciting, involving, and profit-winning.

Regarding the rules, the new Blackjack uses a standard 52-card deck, while 21Bet uses a 36-card deck. If earlier the game was played between two conventional players, now the cards are dealt at the positions of the dealer and the player. A TV presenter deals cards, two for the player’s position and one for the dealer’s position. At this round, the presenter deals cards to the player until he collects from 17 to 21 points or takes over. If the player has collected 17-21 points, the presenter deals cards to the dealer’s position according to the same algorithm. If the player after the first distribution doesn’t collect the “Blackjack,” that is 21 points, the second round begins. If the dealer’s side gets busted, the opposite side wins.

The game’s goal is still the same — to guess which side will get the number of points closest to 21. There are options for betting on the winner of the game: a draw, a win with BlackJack, a win by the number of cards, a win by the number of points, bust.

In addition to the rules, the table in the game is also updated. Now on the table, the sections for the player and the dealer are parallel to each other, in the middle of the table: the section for the dealer’s cards is closer to the dealer, and the section for the players is closer to the screen. Previously, the table was divided into two sections for two conditional players: player 1 and player 2. Now, the game has become more illustrative, standardized, and understandable.

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