Advancements in iGaming Advertising: Betegy Introduces Personalized Smart Banners

Betegy, a renowned iGaming display ads automation platform, has unveiled its most recent innovation in content personalization. The platform now empowers users to generate smart banners utilizing profiling data obtained from the operator’s CRM. This advancement allows for customized calls to action to be directed towards each player, considering their activity and preferences, which significantly boosts engagement with the ads.

For example, when a player accesses the sportsbook, the platform gathers information about their previous interactions and betting patterns. Leveraging this data, Betegy’s platform identifies the player’s interests and displays a personalized banner that caters to their unique preferences. This creates a smooth and customized experience for online betting customers, simultaneously enhancing engagement and increasing revenue for the operator.

This innovative feature is poised to transform the way iGaming companies approach advertising, with tailored campaigns that more effectively address the needs and expectations of specific audience segments. By capitalizing on CRM data and insights into players’ behaviors and motivations, operators can refine their marketing strategies for even greater success.

Earlier this year, Betegy introduced Creative Studio, enabling operators to generate over 1000+ ads that dynamically display game odds in real-time via a direct API feed. This is essential, as iGaming enthusiasts are primarily interested in game odds, often more so than promotions and profit boosts.

Betegy’s solution allows marketing teams to bypass the time-consuming process of manually creating ads for every game and sport. Instead, they can directly pull odds from the source and utilize a self-serve platform to generate multiple ads simultaneously.

“We are thrilled to launch this latest innovation in content personalisation for our clients,” said Alex Kornilov, CEO of Betegy. “The integration with CRM systems allows our clients to provide even more targeted and relevant ads to resonate with each individual player, resulting in increased engagement, retention and ultimately, revenue.”

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