Pretty Technical Announces Launch of its Customer-Focused Mikado Player Account Management system

Pretty Technical are thrilled to announce the launch of their very own iGaming Player Account Management (PAM) platform, Mikado. Following the major success of their Domino Data Vault in the Netherlands and Germany to satisfy regulatory requirements, Pretty Technical looks forward to expanding their bespoke product offering in 2022 with Mikado.

Mikado is a new PAM proposition, designed to specifically meet an identified Operator market need around personalisation and control of core systems. It is not designed to compete with traditional white label providers in the marketplace ‒ its integrations and services are fully customisable to encourage market differentiation at a pace that the client can control. This allows Operators to have better strategic control over their content, marketing and third-party integrations and ultimately over their roadmap to generating competitive advantage.

The product has a lightweight core and a suite of optional third-party applications out of the box, alongside services that are easily accessible and integrated through the trailblazing Launchpad feature. Launchpad is a dedicated area of the back-office, designed to provide deep links, and quick access to a range of third-party systems, from payments and AML to responsible gambling, and data science, Launchpad gives clients a quicker and more efficient way to engage with, and access, these functions.

An integral component of the platform and something that distinguishes Mikado from other PAMs is the Mikado back office experience; which will be fully customised for a customerʼs operations. The back office has used modern scalable UX/UI design principles from initiation, with a focus on end-user happiness and an intuitive user experience.

Mikado Product Manager Shantal Naidoo says, “Mikadoʼs ambitious roadmap delivers on our vision to ensure that the platform can be leveraged by our customers to differentiate their offer. The platform is positioned to empower customers to execute their strategy with ease. Our personalised product and services coupled with an exceptional delivery team promise a unique and beneficial partnership.”

Like all of Pretty Technicalʼs products and services, Mikado has been built using the latest technology with scalability, performance, and security at the forefront of design. Mikado will deliver the most extensible and configurable iGaming platform in the market and the control of the core platform will be in the operatorʼs hands. Pretty Technicalʼs offering provides various ownership options for our clients, including outright code ownership, hybrid revenue share, bespoke development or a dedicated development team(s).

Pretty Technicalʼs CEO, Emma Blaylock, adds, “We are incredibly proud with our development team who have produced an outstanding Player Account Management System with Mikado. Our customers have benefitted from the productʼs flexibility, which allows it to be tailored to their specific needs which makes our product so original to the market. The Pretty Technical team are looking forward to taking on more customers this year so more operators can reap the benefits of Mikado.”

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