WA.Technology to Provide Betting Odds for Centurion FC Events

WA.Technology, a prominent iGaming and sports betting B2B platform for emerging markets, has announced that it will offer betting odds for Centurion FC events. This initiative will commence with the upcoming event in São Paulo on May 18th.

The São Paulo event features a historic MMA bout, marking the return of Gabi Garcia, one of the most successful female competitors in the sport, for a rematch against Barbara Nepomuceno. The event will also include the second 80kg 4-Man Tournament of this year’s Grand Prix series.

In addition to showcasing top-tier martial arts competition, the Centurion FC event will offer a unique betting experience. WA.Technology’s sportsbook platform is meticulously designed for both players and business operators. The company provides a comprehensive solution with over 500,000 pre-match events and 360,000 live events annually, covering more than 125 sports and virtual sports. The platform features full customization capabilities, advanced data analysis, risk management, and dedicated trading strategies. It ensures a fully licensed, custom-branded sports betting experience that is mobile optimized and casino compatible.

By integrating betting odds for Centurion FC events, WA.Technology aims to enhance user experience and operational efficiency for its partners in the iGaming industry.

Dave Hickey, Director of Sports Operations at WA.Technology, remarked, “We are thrilled to be able to offer betting odds on Centurion events. The Centurion brand’s impressive growth is a journey we are proud to support. Our Risk & Trading team meticulously compiles these odds by analyzing an array of factors, including the fighters’ professional and amateur records, their current form, and the quality of their past opponents. We also incorporate firsthand insights from attending numerous Centurion events. This comprehensive approach allows us to craft odds that meet the high expectations of discerning MMA bettors with precision. For the upcoming event, our operators will feature competitive odds, including 1.05 on fan-favorite Gabi Garcia, enhancing the excitement and engagement for bettors.”

Roberto Gallo, President of Centurion FC, commented, “Having this event covered by WA.Technology represents another huge step forward for CFC; we are looking forward to seeing what the future brings for us.”

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