What Method of Increasing the Audience of an iGaming Platform Works the Best? By Vadim Potapenko СBDO, Turbo Games

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Every team member of any iGaming platform regularly questions themselves about what are the other functional approaches of increasing the audience qualitatively and quantitatively. It’s vital to any business to increase such an indicator as development is fated without a consumer. 

It is hard to find a gambling company that does not try to arrive at a solution. Mostly, they use a “trial and error” approach in enriching their product but it takes much time to be justifiable. Vadim Potapenko, CBDO of Turbo Games has shared his thoughts regarding the issue. 

The crucial point is understanding the behavioural patterns of young people, as they are an important, integral part of the target audience for any gambling products. Gen Z avoids the places that the old-school casino clientele likes to visit. And this fact determines promotional strategies.

It is rather rare for these two audiences to converge in the same place. Traditional casino’s advertising channels are stagnating, proven already by all major European studies 5-8 years ago. Young people prefer Twitch, while older players mostly visit the news outlets. It may be a bit of a surprise for many, but the top landing pages from Twitch are gambling projects.

That’s why many gaming companies are switching towards buying ads from vloggers, streamers, and even TikTok bloggers.

It is reasonable to implement such a seeding strategy in sports betting too. The well-known fact is that nearly 70% of players who bet on sports are also willing to gamble. The best way to attract and cater to the modern gambling audience is to add instant games to a casino or launch modern slots on a betting platform.  Furthermore, instant games have an advantage over regular slots. Dynamic volatility differentiates them from traditional slots mechanics because a player decides by his own the desired coefficient.

Simple and intuitive games such as Crash X, Dice Twice, Fury Stairs, and many others are popular with young audiences around the world. 

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Gen Z sees this well-known style of games with a fresh vibe as something cool that makes it truly mainstream.

So, the betting and casino operators should use this opportunity and take advantage of it. Those who underestimate instant games at first glance risk missing out the huge audience of their fans that’s being formed, as all internet users become gamers.

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