2mee Appoints Dragon’s Den Contestant as Head of HoloAd

He’s taken on the Dragons and come out on top, and now he’s taking on the role of Head of HoloAdTM at influencer brand platform, 2mee. Brian Smillie Jr is the latest member of the team and has been tasked with driving awareness of HoloAd among operators and affiliates.

Smillie JR is the founder of Beezer, a platform that allows anyone to create, distribute, manage and market their own app without requiring any technical skills. He took Beezer to BBC’s Dragons Den in what has become known as the toughest negotiation in the Den.

He tamed the Dragons, leaving the Den with a £125,000 investment from Peter Jones after an action-packed standoff. You can watch the pitch here.

In his new role as Head of HoloAd at 2mee, Smillie will be responsible for negotiating similarly successful deals with a range of affiliates and operator brands so that they can unlock the power of influencer marketing through HoloAd.

HoloAd puts the power of next-generation influencer brand marketing in the hands of affiliates and their operator partners. It allows publishers to create new advertising real estate, unlock additional revenue streams and take audience engagement to the next level.

For operators, it allows them to deliver brand ambassadors as hologram messages via their affiliate and publisher partners, creating unique channels to deliver brand narrative and acquisition messaging to wider audiences.

A HoloAd can be inserted anywhere on a website page or within an app. Messages can be launched from existing empty space or can sit on top of page content, both editorial and advertorial. This means it delivers 100% added value.

The early numbers being generated by HoloAd are unrivalled. The average engagement rate is surpassing 33% and for those who are already onboard, the conversions are massively exceeding expectations.

This unprecedented level of engagement is already leading to a large number of enquiries from affiliate publishers and operators.

James Riley, CEO of 2mee, said: “Brian is one of the most naturally talented negotiators out there having provided his skills in front of some of the biggest names in the business world. Brian joining 2mee as Head of HoloAd is therefore a major milestone for us.

“HoloAd is a game-changer, and with Brian onboard we will be able to make more affiliates and operators aware of what it can do for them. I’d like to welcome Brian to the team and look forward to working with him as we take HoloAd to the next level.”

Brian Smillie, Head of HoloAd at 2mee, added: “I am hugely passionate about technology and in HoloAd we have the future of influencer marketing in our hands. I look forward to connecting with affiliates and gambling operators to show them what a truly stand-out platform and product it is.”

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