Abios Expands Esoccer Services with Betinvest Partnership

Abios, a provider of comprehensive betting solutions for esoccer, has enhanced its offerings through a strategic partnership with Betinvest, a leading provider of sportsbook solutions. Last year, Abios introduced its esoccer solutions, including an odds feed, widgets, and streams, designed to offer a seamless betting experience. This service quickly became a favored option among sportsbooks seeking to augment their live content availability, especially during off-season periods or following major events.

The collaboration with Betinvest grants Abios access to an additional 4,650 monthly events from CyberLive!Arena (CLA) and Esport Pro Club (EPC) tournaments. This expansion enables Abios to offer data and live streams for a more extensive array of events, ensuring continuous live content in sportsbooks throughout the year, even when traditional football seasons are on hiatus.

The esports competitions covered by this agreement utilize EA Sports’ FC game, the successor to the widely recognized FIFA video game series. This platform replicates a football match experience, with two competitors controlling teams in a virtual environment. Its straightforward design and resemblance to actual football have made it an appealing option for both traditional football enthusiasts and esports fans, serving as a conduit between these two spheres.

Dariia Petrus, Business Development Team Lead at Betinvest, says: “Looking forward, our partnership is poised for significant growth and innovation. We’ve established a solid base for collaboration, opening up a range of exciting opportunities for us to explore together. The synergy of our shared expertise and efforts sets this venture apart, making it a noteworthy endeavor. This collaboration goes beyond achieving shared goals; it’s about the enriching experiences and mutual growth we’ll achieve along the way. We’re genuinely excited about what lies ahead and eagerly anticipate the start of our joint efforts.”

Oskar Bonnevier Fröberg, Managing Director and Founder of Abios, comments: “Abios has recently taken significant strides to facilitate our esoccer product reaching new heights. With proprietary modelling, access to best-in-class data sources and a team of esports experts, we’ve been able to build a reliable odds feed coupled with exciting bet offers.

“To help us provide 24/7 content to partners across the globe, we’re thrilled to have Betinvest onboard. With the content they provide, we can ensure even higher flexibility and availability for our partners, ultimately leading to more differentiated and optimised sports betting offerings.”

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