AD LUNAM Launches Maverick on 1X2 Network

AD LUNAM, a new arcade gaming studio, is set to release its debut title, Maverick, on the 1X2 Network next week. The game offers a unique take on crash gaming, with a broad range of Return to Player (RTP) options, suitable for different regulated markets.

Launched in April under the 1X2 Network umbrella, AD LUNAM focuses on developing non-traditional games for diverse demographics. The studio specializes in creating multiplayer, competitive, and arcade-style games, which are optimized for mobile.

Maverick is a social multiplayer game, similar to the crash-style games that gained popularity in crypto casinos. The game is straightforward yet engaging, with players trying to cash out before the titular plane and multiplier reach their peak, after which the multiplier crashes, and the plane flies away.

As a result of the partnership between AD LUNAM and 1X2 Network, players can expect an immersive gaming experience with a fresh take on the traditional crash gaming format. Maverick’s launch marks the beginning of AD LUNAM’s journey in the gaming industry, where the studio intends to push the boundaries of arcade-style gaming with innovative titles.

Chloe Foster, Games Producer at 1X2 Network and AD LUNAM said, “Crash games remain a massively popular concept among new and dedicated players alike, and Maverick is a lobby-leading iteration of the format that will greatly support non-traditional and arcade lobby strategies.

This is the first of many non-traditional games that will be a part of AD LUNAM’s new wave of gaming. We’re on a mission to disrupt the saturated churn of gaming content with games that encourage players to socialise, emote and coexist in a fun, competitive environment.”

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