Alliance for Gambling Reform Appoint Gordon Ramsey CEO

The Board of the Alliance for Gambling Reform has announced the appointment of Gordon Ramsay as the organisation’s new CEO.

While in government, Gordon championed a gambling reform agenda in the ACT, resulting in a more than 20 percent reduction in poker machines, and substantial regulatory improvements that have laid the pathway for ongoing reform.

Gordon said he was proud of leading a public health approach to gambling in the ACT, and of cementing relationships with advocates, regulatory bodies, industry and people with lived experience to effect a reduction of gambling harm.

Board Chair Sharon Dickson said she was delighted to welcome Gordon as CEO of the Alliance. “Gordon brings a wealth of experience that will further the Alliance’s work with our partners and community to reduce gambling harm, which is one of the most pressing public health issues we face as Australians,” she said.

“Gordon has a unique combination of experience in social justice and advocacy, as CEO in a services-based organisation, working with people with lived experience, and in gambling reform in the political arena. I’m excited about the change we will achieve with Gordon leading the organisation.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Tony Mohr for his contributions as the inaugural leader of the Alliance. His work and that of the Alliance’s staff has created a solid foundation for Gordon to build on. It’s exciting times ahead.”

Alliance Chief Advocate, the Rev Tim Costello, said he was looking forward to working closely with Gordon to advance gambling reform in Australia.

“We were so impressed with the ACT pokies buyback scheme announced early last year, and Gordon was integral to that move,” Rev Costello said.

“To have successfully negotiated that says a lot about his ability to navigate the intricacies and difficulties associated with gambling reform in Australia.

“There is so much momentum towards gambling reform around Australia right now, and I’m sure Gordon has the political and social justice experience to capitalise on that.”

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