ASX Sports Partners with RugbyPass to Create Global Rugby NFTs

ASX Sports, the only next-generation virtual sports exchange to offer fans live in-game ‘trading’, has announced an exclusive long-term agreement with Sky New Zealand’s global digital rugby platform, RugbyPass, to bring NFT-enabled fantasy gaming to rugby fans for the first time.

Under the agreement, data from RugbyPass will fuel the proprietary ASX technology which will deliver real-time gamification of live sports to RugbyPass’ 10 million-plus audience.

ASX’s Sports NFT Exchange has the unique capacity to harness live data feeds and responsive algorithms to create the first NFTs for sports with listed values that fluctuate in real-time, based on the underlying performance of players and demand in the marketplace. Trading on the Sports NFT Exchange resembles a virtual stock market and opens the door to a new era in fan engagement, creating a unique second screen and OTT experience in which fans enhance the value of their player portfolios via live, any-time ‘trading’, including in-game, when perceived value might change the most.

Paddy Power, President at ASX said: “Our vision for how sports NFTs can be created, valued and exchanged is revolutionizing the fan experience and further elevating the centrality of the second screen in modern-day sports. We offer the entire sports value chain new dimensions in commercial opportunities and brand loyalty across the growing facets of fantasy sports globally. We’re thrilled to team up with RugbyPass to bring our technology and offering to a rapidly evolving market that is ripe for further disruption.

ASX’s cutting-edge cryptographic technology ecosystem is deployed in concert with leading digital asset providers that enhance its proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology.

Neil Martin, CEO at RugbyPass, added: “It’s an exciting time to partner with ASX as fans discover new ways to interact with and express their passion for rugby and its superstars.  Through NFTs, we have together built a fresh product-line with a singular focus on what makes rugby supporters tick, further emboldened by the unique data sets and insights provided by our acquisition of Sports Analytics. This collaboration complements our wider ambitions and focus on digital services, and we will explore further opportunities to develop and foster communities based on rich, actionable content.”

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