Atlantic Lottery and IWG Ink Direct Supply Deal

Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a prominent supplier of eInstant games to NASPL and WLA-member lotteries, has announced a new, five-year direct contract to supply its InstantRGS (remote game server) and InstantGames to Atlantic Lottery.

Previously, since 2017, IWG supplied eInstants to Atlantic Lottery through a subcontract with their iLottery platform provider. However, recognizing the significant growth of their eInstant category, Atlantic Lottery has opted for a direct agreement with IWG.

This direct contract ensures Atlantic Lottery greater autonomy in collaborating with IWG for game development and innovation. Moreover, it streamlines roadmap planning and deliveries, encompassing day-to-day game operations and support.

For lotteries, a direct contract is the primary method of sourcing games from IWG, signifying a strengthened partnership between Atlantic Lottery and IWG in the evolving landscape of eInstant games.

Rhydian Fisher, IWG CEO, said: “Atlantic Lottery has been a valued partner of IWG for many years, and this new agreement will streamline the way in which we deliver and support our eInstants. AL’s decision to move to a direct contract is consistent with how the vast majority IWG’s lottery partners contract with their critical suppliers such as IWG.”

Robert Lalonde, Director of iGaming Product at Atlantic Lottery, said: “It is imperative to our business planning at Atlantic Lottery that we establish direct contracts with our primary eInstant suppliers. IWG has been a trusted supplier to us since 2017, and we’re excited to be taking our partnership forward with this new agreement.”

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