BetGames and Betano Strengthen Ties with New Game for Brazil

In a significant development within the iGaming industry, BetGames has partnered with Betano to launch a bespoke version of its popular crash game, Skyward, specifically tailored for the Brazilian market. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in BetGames’ strategy to cater to diverse market needs and demonstrates its capability in creating localized content for specific regions.

The customized version of Skyward for Betano incorporates unique features and animations, carefully crafted to resonate with the Brazilian audience. This approach exemplifies the commitment of both companies to provide an immersive and relevant gaming experience to their players. The local adaptations in Skyward aim to align with the preferences and requirements of Brazilian players, ensuring a seamless and engaging gaming experience.

Skyward, known for its dynamic and high-energy gameplay, takes players on an exciting plane-themed adventure. The game stands out with its visually impressive design, set against an aerial backdrop, and is enhanced by a series of captivating animations, contributing to an enjoyable and engaging user experience.

This initiative represents a strategic move for Betano to strengthen its presence in the burgeoning Brazilian iGaming market. The game has been optimized to address potential infrastructure issues in the region, such as internet connectivity and data usage, ensuring a stable and accessible gaming experience for all players.

Designed to cater to a wide range of players, Skyward offers a simple yet thrilling format. The game encourages players to demonstrate their daring, with the potential to earn significant rewards. The longer players maintain their gameplay, the higher their possible earnings, with a maximum multiplier of x100,000.

The launch of Betano’s customized version of Skyward by BetGames is the latest in a series of collaborations between the two companies. Betano, under the umbrella of its parent company, Kaizen Gaming, continues to engage BetGames for their expertise in creating tailored content that resonates with their operational markets, further cementing their partnership in the iGaming space.

Ian Catchick, CPO at BetGames, said: “We’re excited to bring Skyward to Betano and enable its players to experience a dedicated and localised edition of our debut crash game, which has already received a positive reception internationally.

“With the hugely popular, high-frequency aircraft-themed crash game concept, Skyward brings a new level of excitement and engagement to our extensive portfolio of pre-existing games and opens the door to potential future partnerships in the market.”

Christos Mavridis, Head of Live Casino at Kaizen Gaming, said: “Betano is continuously looking to grow all areas of its operation in a competitive yet rewarding environment. Adding the localised version of Skyward to our catalogue of games, with its easy-to-follow format, is another step towards our ultimate goal – to provide the most unforgettable sports betting and gaming experience to our customers. We look forward to watching the aerial action unfold in our own branded game.”

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