BetU Esports Betting Game Integrates with

BetU Play-To-Earn is the world’s first play-to-earn sport betting game and is set to launch in esports markets. BetU has chosen esports betting provider for its odds feed, opening up the world of esports betting to BetU’s global customers.

BetU’s commitment to innovation is conveyed in its unique play-to-earn product, where users can only win, not lose. The BetU Play-To-Earn game provides a solution to problem gambling globally by giving players the winning thrill and excitement of esports betting without the risk of loss.

“We’ve been eager to expand our portfolio with risk-free esports betting, and so we set out to find the best solution. After following every product on the market, we chose for their robust and reliable uptime, seamless integration, and long-term view towards partnerships. Their solution will suit our cryptocurrency platform and we anticipate a large influx of players interested in esports,”  said Paul Rogash, CEO of BetU

The synergy created by esports and crypto is bound to expand the availability of esports betting to crypto adopters all around the world.

Marek Suchar, Managing Director at, stated, “We are really happy to partner with BetU. There are myriad esports fans who want to enjoy that additional layer of engagement through betting, yet it is completely new to them. BetU’s play-to-earn concept is the best solution for these fans to enjoy their favorite games, make some predictions, and win.”

With this collaboration, has again affirmed its position as the market leader in esports betting odds feeds, risk management, and iFrame solutions.

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