Black Cow Technology and HITSqwad Enhance Jackpot Offerings

Black Cow Technology, known for its Open Gaming Architecture (OGA) software platform, has announced a significant partnership with jackpot game developer HITSqwad. This collaboration leverages Black Cow’s OGA Jackpots platform, enabling HITSqwad to develop custom jackpot engines with unique in-game features and robust reporting capabilities for its range of jackpot slots and games.

OGA Jackpots is a fully customizable jackpot server designed for B2B suppliers, aggregators, and B2C operators. It allows for the creation of various types of jackpots that can be integrated into any game offered to players. In addition to jackpots, Black Cow’s OGA Side-Bet framework has facilitated HITSqwad in developing its first Blackjack Side Bet game, which includes a jackpot-based side bet set to launch soon.

This partnership is not just a one-off collaboration; it signifies a deeper commitment to innovation in the igaming industry. HITSqwad plans to utilize OGA Jackpots for a series of new and innovative jackpot features that are scheduled for release in the coming months. This initiative is part of HITSqwad’s strategy to strengthen its position as a leading provider of jackpot content.

The deal further extends the existing relationship between Black Cow and HITSqwad. Black Cow has previously played a pivotal role in developing HITSqwad’s game engines using its specialized Jackpot Game Development Kit. This continued partnership underscores both companies’ dedication to delivering advanced and diversified jackpot offerings in the igaming sector.

Max Francis, Founder of Black Cow Technology, said: “We love working with HITSqwad – it is a perfect example of an organisation being enabled to push boundaries because of OGA’s flexibility, reliability and speed of development.

“What HITSqwad is doing with our OGA Jackpot platform is incredible and is exactly what the technology has been designed to do. And that is the freedom for studios (and operators) to think big and then deliver a great product and a compelling experience to the player.

“We already have a successful partnership with HITSqwad which used our GDK for its game engine, but this extended agreement allows both parties to really hit the jackpot.”

Charl Geyser, CEO at HITSqwad, added: “We have bold ambitions to become the leader in jackpot content, but we need smart technology to bring our ideas and concepts to life. In Black Cow and its OGA Jackpots platform, we have the tools we need to do this.

“We have been working with Black Cow for some time now, and the scope and scale of its technologies are second to none. Black Cow is a very important partner for us, and we look forward to continued success as we keep bringing new and exciting jackpot experiences to the market.”

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