Brazilian Lounge Debuts at ICE 2023

The initiative to create the Brazilian Lounge is once again another creation by the entrepreneur Alessandro Valente, who noticed the demand for a space dedicated to Brazilians and made by Brazilians, inside events like the one where it’s debuting, the famous ICE 2023 in London.

A differentiated concept that will embrace all those who are interested in knowing a little more about what Brazil has to offer, in a multi-brand and plural environment, specially prepared to open the country’s doors to foreign investment and that will give more businessmen the opportunity to get to know the country.

With professionals already recognized worldwide, the Brazilian Lounge will welcome and offer coffee to all who pass by. It will be like a corner of São Paulo within the ICE space, an iGaming Hub focused on all matters in Latam and Brazil.

“I dare to say that this is going to be an extension of our iGaming Hub from Sao Paulo, where we united very important companies in one environment.” – added Alessandro

The corner he is referring to is located on the side street of Av Faria Lima and Av Juscelino Kubitschek, where he set up about 2 years ago, initially with his Super Afiliados operation, but which gradually brought companies such as CTRL+F5, Pragmatic Play, Esportes Online, iGaming Brazil, Games Magazine Brasil, among others, forming a true industry hub on that corner. But it consolidated all this with the launch of the Brazilian iGaming Summit and Afiliados Latam events.

“ICE is unquestionably the mother of all events, the most inspiring and has always welcomed innovative and positive ideas. We have plans to invite members of the government and more entrepreneurs in the future.” – highlighted Alessandro

In this inaugural edition, the Brazilian Lounge has the support of important partners who have invested in this project, such as iGaming Media, Cactus Gaming, AnSpacePay, We Are Technology, Jericho Events and Super Afiliados. Companies that operate predominantly in Brazil, providing services to different operators that seek the success of their operations in the country.

With the support of important communication vehicles in the sector, such as iGaming Future, which was invited to cover their presence in London. The Brazilian Lounge will go down in history as the home of Brazilians on ICE.

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