CryptoSlots Marks 6th Anniversary with VIP Bonuses and New Games

In celebration of its 6th anniversary, CryptoSlots, a notable entity in the crypto gaming industry, is marking the occasion with the introduction of new games, generous bonuses for all players, and complimentary tokens for the US$1 million Jackpot Trigger game, adding extra excitement to the festivities.

Over the past year, CryptoSlots has achieved several milestones, including the launch of over 20 new games such as Chinatown High Limit, Bank Bust, Pawsome, Twin Wins, and Forest Fairy Fortune. These additions have significantly expanded its gaming portfolio, offering a diverse range of options for players worldwide.

While the last $1 million Jackpot Trigger prize was claimed in 2022, CryptoSlots recently celebrated a significant win as player WHAMZY09 secured $200,000 by winning two $100,000 prizes in a single game on April 18. This event underscores the ongoing excitement and potential for substantial winnings at CryptoSlots.

Additionally, CryptoSlots has seen impressive payouts in its Crypto Lotto, with the highest recorded payout reaching $17,428. This highlights the rewarding nature of its lottery offerings and the potential for players to achieve significant returns.

The crypto-only casino has also made strides in the metaverse by launching a Virtual Showroom with Monthly Rewards in Decentraland, a virtual social world built on blockchain technology. This innovative move allows CryptoSlots to engage with players in new and exciting ways, offering unique experiences and rewards within the Decentraland universe.

This month, CryptoSlots is releasing Shadow of the Tomb, an electrifying 6×4 Tomb Raider-inspired slot. Players are plunged into a world filled with ancient relics and treasures, where they can win up to 5000x their bet and unearth haunting riches.

Later this month, players can look forward to the relaunch of the Wild Alaska slot, featuring enhanced graphics and an adventure through the untamed wilderness of Alaska.

At CryptoSlots, transactions for deposits and withdrawals are conducted exclusively through cryptocurrency. The platform boasts dozens of provably fair slots and continuously introduces new games. Players can accrue tokens for the $1 million Jackpot Trigger slot and receive complimentary tickets for the monthly $10,000+ Crypto Lotto each time they engage in gameplay.

CryptoSlots manager, Michael Hilary commented: “We are thrilled about the future and the boundless opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer. As the landscape of digital currencies continues to evolve, we envision a future where cryptocurrencies revolutionize not just the gaming industry, but every aspect of finance and commerce. With innovation at our core, CryptoSlots is poised to lead the charge into this exciting future.”

“With its presence in Decentraland, CryptoSlots aims to enhance player engagement and offer a novel gaming experience that aligns with the evolving landscape of online entertainment,” continued Hilary.

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