Digicode Appoints Itai Zak as iGaming Executive Director

Digicode, a premier developer of innovative software solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Itai Zak as the Executive Director of its iGaming division. Zak steps into this role with the mission to spearhead the division’s growth and strategic direction, leveraging his extensive 15-year experience in the iGaming sector.

Zak’s illustrious career includes pivotal leadership positions at notable industry players such as SBTech, GoWild Gaming, and Spiral Solutions. His tenure as CEO at these companies is marked by remarkable achievements, including GoWild Casino’s transformation under his guidance, which saw a 450% surge in profitability. This success was largely attributed to strategic market expansions and Zak’s adeptness at assembling and managing a team of over 300 professionals.

At SBTech, Zak played a crucial role in redefining the company’s approach to sales, marketing, and business development, significantly contributing to its stature as a leading provider of sports betting and iGaming solutions. His leadership was instrumental in the company’s dramatic growth, expanding the team from 60 to over 600 employees and achieving substantial year-over-year increases in net profit.

Zak’s appointment underscores Digicode’s commitment to fostering innovation, excellence, and strategic expansion in the iGaming domain. His proven expertise in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and his visionary approach to product and market strategy are poised to drive significant advancements in Digicode’s iGaming offerings.

In his new capacity, Zak will be responsible for crafting and implementing Digicode’s iGaming strategy, with a focus on revenue generation and market growth. Collaborating closely with the product development and sales teams, he aims to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of iGaming operators.

Zak’s leadership comes at a time of significant growth and transformation within the iGaming industry, characterized by rapid technological advancements and changing regulatory frameworks. His deep understanding of the industry and strategic acumen are expected to enable Digicode to seize new opportunities and effectively address the challenges of the market.

Digicode is dedicated to redefining the iGaming experience through a comprehensive suite of services. From custom gaming platform development and innovative game creation to enhancing sportsbooks, live dealer offerings, and lottery products, Digicode’s solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of the gaming industry. Zak’s role will be instrumental in ensuring that Digicode continues to provide top-tier services and solutions that cater to the unique demands of the iGaming sector.

“We are thrilled to have Itai Zak join our team,” shares Max Maslii, the President and global CEO at Digicode. “His deep understanding of the iGaming landscape and leadership skills will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and expand our foothold in this dynamic industry. Also, Itai’s proven track record in navigating complex regulatory environments, coupled with his forward-thinking approach to product and market strategy, positions Digicode for exciting advancements in its iGaming offerings.”

“I am excited to join Digicode and lead their iGaming division,” comments Itai Zak. “Digicode has a proven track record of delivering innovative software solutions, and I am eager to contribute to their continued success in the iGaming market.”

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