Egamingmonitor Launch New Bingo Data Product

“This has been many months in development and builds on our existing databases of all gaming operators, suppliers and games”, says Kevin Dale, CEO of Egamingmonitor. “We now collect bingo player, stakes and jackpot data from all the major sites in real time. This allows us to produce interactive reports for operators and suppliers. For the first time, you can see bingo market shares by supplier or operator – even down to the level of by hour, by room or by game type.”

The dashboards are designed to power both strategic and tactical decision-making. Report users are able to use the data to manage day to day operations, including the configuration of jackpots, free tournaments and optimal game or room scheduling.

“Interested in how average buy-ins are affected by ticket prices or default buy-ins? Want to see what freeroll prize/time configuration leads to most real money activity post-event? A few clicks on the filters are all it takes. This is the stuff that bingo operators and suppliers dream of!”, he adds.

Egamingmonitor already track 41,000 casino games from 800 studios across 8,000 pages of 2,000 operators across the globe. This data is used by studios and platform providers to track distribution and casino game performance or to see market differences by game feature or theme. Operators use the content to compare game portfolios with competing sites and/or to build user filters and game recommendation engines.

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