Episode Ten with Shmulik Segal, CEO of Media Troopers

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to another episode of the Back to the Future Podcast series — a stream of insightful, bite-sized conversations with industry leaders discussing leading issues and, key of all, the future of iGaming.

In this latest episode of our Back to the Future Podcast, hosted by iGF’s Director of Content Curtis Roach, we catch up with Shmulik Segal, CEO and Co-Founder of Media Troopers, America’s largest privately-owned Affiliate agency.

We explore the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing in North America — and how it compares to more established European markets.

Shmulik shares his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for stakeholders within this space; tackling key issues such as regulation, responsible gaming, evolving consumer trends and, most importantly, the potential for growth.

A great, in-depth chat. Unmissable.

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