ESA Gaming Partners with First Look Games

First Look Games, recognized for its innovative marketing platform tailored for game studios, has recently announced a partnership with ESA Gaming, an independent content developer known for its boutique approach to game creation. This collaboration aligns with ESA Gaming’s ambitious plans for a series of innovative slot game releases in 2024.

Through this partnership, ESA Gaming gains access to a personalized library on the First Look Games platform, enabling the developer to share comprehensive information and assets related to each of its games. This includes detailed game sheets, logos, images, and video content for each title, facilitating the creation of game previews and reviews by First Look Games’ network of verified affiliate partners.

The First Look Games platform offers advanced features, such as the ability to provide demo links for games, with player verification processes managed efficiently by 1account. This functionality is particularly beneficial in regulated markets, allowing players to experience demo versions of games before playing with real money at online casinos.

ESA Gaming retains full control over its library within the platform, managing the availability of its assets to affiliates. This includes the capability to grant select affiliates early access to upcoming game releases up to two weeks in advance, fostering anticipation and engagement among the gaming community.

This partnership signifies ESA Gaming’s strategic move to leverage First Look Games’ extensive affiliate network and sophisticated marketing tools, aiming to enhance visibility and excitement for its upcoming slot releases.

Elliot Resnick, Managing Director at First Look Games, said: “ESA Gaming is an exciting studio responsible for some truly great content.

“By partnering with First Look Games, the studio can connect with players the best affiliates in the business and promote games to highly engaged audiences looking for the latest content to play.

“That First Look Games allows studios to do this in a way that is highly cost-effective is yet another reason why providers such as ESA Gaming come to us to turbo-charge game promotion.”

Thomas Smallwood, Head of Marketing at ESA Gaming, added: “As an independent studio, we have the freedom to create truly unique games but driving awareness of our titles can be tough given the stiff competition we face from the industry’s power players.

“This is an important partnership with us, and we look forward to unlocking the full potential of the First Look Games platform as we level up the promotion and marketing of our games.”

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