Flutter Supports Cure Leukaemia in Achieving £1M Fundraising Milestone with ‘The Tour 21’

Flutter Entertainment has announced the successful fundraising achievement of national blood cancer charity Cure Leukaemia, as it reaches its £1 million target for its renowned cycling event, ‘The Tour 21’. Flutter, as the headline partner, has played a significant role in supporting the event for the years 2023, 2024, and 2025.

A dedicated team of 18 amateur cyclists embarked on a remarkable journey across Spain and France over the past three weeks as part of ‘The Tour 21’, in collaboration with Flutter, on behalf of Cure Leukaemia. These cyclists accomplished a remarkable feat by completing all stages of the Tour de France, a week ahead of the professionals. The international team, representing various countries, covered the full 3,400 km of the world’s most prestigious cycling event.

This year’s team faced extraordinary physical challenges as the Tour route featured the most mountainous terrain in its history. Notably, two colleagues from Flutter joined the team for two stages of the event, including the demanding Queen Stage.

Throughout the 21 stages, the team courageously conquered five mountain ranges—the Pyrenees, Massif Central, Jura, Alps, and Vosges. In total, they surpassed 55,000 meters of elevation, equivalent to climbing Mount Everest over six times or 183 Eiffel Towers.

The funds raised by ‘The Tour 21’ will be dedicated to Cure Leukaemia’s Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP). This program operates through a network of specialized Research Nurses across 15 blood cancer centers. By facilitating accelerated setup and delivery of potentially life-saving clinical trials, the TAP Network provides patients with access to treatments that are not currently available through standard care.

Flutter’s partnership with Cure Leukaemia and its support of ‘The Tour 21’ demonstrates its commitment to making a meaningful impact in the fight against blood cancer. Together, they have successfully raised £1 million, enabling crucial advancements in clinical trials and enhancing the prospects of patients battling this devastating disease.

Kerry McNally, Group Head of Communities, said: “We are thrilled to have reached the £1million donation mark in support of The Tour 21 Riders as the challenge comes to a close.

“Through Cure Leukaemia’s Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP), the money raised by ‘The Tour 21’ will support a new clinical trial for patients living with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). As headline sponsors, we are immensely proud to be a part of the effort to eradicate this disease.

“This partnership brings together our passion for sport with our commitment to Do More, helping support the communities in which we operate, and with the aim of helping 10 million people by the end of 2030. The money raised across the event will help us to achieve this goal and we’re excited to continue working with the Cure Leukaemia team.

As part of our Positive Impact Plan, we combine the power of sport and play, the passion of our people and the reach of our brands to ‘Do More’ for our communities around the world.”

Professor Charlie Craddock CBE, Cure Leukaemia’s Co-Founder, said: “The team may not be aware, but their bravery, their commitment to people who urgently need our help for new treatments and their vision that we can make the future better has galvanised the blood cancer community.

“The team have inspired blood cancer patients who are profoundly moved by the bravery that they have shown. And also, of course, critically, they have raised vital money to support Cure Leukaemia.”

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