Flutter UKI Launches Start-Up Challenge for iGaming Innovation

In an exciting development for the iGaming industry, Flutter Entertainment’s UK and Ireland division, encompassing renowned brands such as Sky Betting and Gaming, Paddy Power, and Betfair, has announced the initiation of a competition aimed at startups. This initiative, part of the company’s Alpha Hub programme, seeks to forge partnerships with innovative startups possessing the potential to enhance service offerings for the rapidly expanding female customer segment in the UK and Ireland.

Recent research has illuminated the significant opportunity within this demographic, prompting Flutter Entertainment to focus on developing products and services that resonate with the unique preferences and playstyles of female gamers. Recognizing that women often explore gaming through social interactions, there’s an emphasis on crafting solutions that leverage social and community-based gaming to create engaging, relaxing, and fun digital entertainment experiences.

Moreover, Flutter Entertainment is open to exploring unconventional ideas through a ‘wildcard option’. This segment encourages startups to present diverse concepts on how to deliver safe and enjoyable gaming experiences tailored to female audiences, both presently and looking ahead.

The competition promises mutual advantages, offering the victorious startup a chance to enter into a commercial partnership with Flutter. This collaboration will enable the scaling of their solution across the UK and Ireland. Additionally, participants will have the chance to present their business at a demo day, attended by investors, technology specialists, and Flutter’s executive leadership. The initiative also includes access to exclusive workshops, networking opportunities with Flutter’s senior management, and the Alpha Hub Startup Support programme, further underscoring the commitment to nurturing innovation within the iGaming sector.

This pioneering initiative by Flutter UKI signifies a significant step towards inclusivity and diversification in the iGaming industry, inviting startups to contribute to shaping the future of digital gaming for female players in the UK and Ireland.

Steve Birch, Chief Commercial Officer at Sky Betting & Gaming, said: “We see this as a really exciting gap in the market, and we’re looking forward to finding and partnering with innovative startups through the Alpha Hub program to seize this opportunity.”

Applications are now open and will close on 15th March 2024.

For information on process and key dates, see here.

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