Fujitsu Launches Tech Initiative in iGaming Sector

Fujitsu has initiated a program within the iGaming sector called the Lighthouse Initiative, which aims to connect technological advancements with business growth opportunities. This program is inviting entities within the iGaming industry to propose innovative concepts that have the potential to leverage new technologies and generate progress within the sector.

The initiative places a spotlight on three technological trends: artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and containerization. Companies interested in participating are advised to submit their ideas via an application on Fujitsu’s website, showcasing how their innovation capitalizes on these trends.

Fujitsu is committed to supporting selected companies through detailed guidance and providing them with the necessary resources. Qualifying ideas may receive a fund of up to €100,000 along with complimentary assistance from Fujitsu’s Digital Transformation (DX) innovation team.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to develop and test their ideas on Fujitsu’s DX innovation platform without any financial risk. This platform is designed to be a secure environment for experimenting with applications related to AI, data, and container technology.

The Lighthouse Initiative by Fujitsu seeks to catalyze growth and foster the development of groundbreaking innovations in the iGaming industry, helping to pave the way for future advancements.

Nick McDonald, Account Director at Fujitsu, said: “AI, data science, and Containerization are going to change the way the world does business in the coming years, and Fujitsu wants to invite iGaming companies to be at the forefront of this movement.

Our wealth of resources and the DX Innovation Platform, combined with the fresh ideas of companies within the industry, can help to create an exciting new future for everybody. We are excited to work with companies to help their ideas become a reality and to throw our arms around these emerging technologies and the positive changes they can bring.”

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