Future Anthem Launches Amplifier AI for Sports Betting Industry

Future Anthem has introduced its new product, Amplifier AI, aimed at personalisation within sports betting. This product extends the company’s existing capabilities from the gambling sector into the realm of sports betting.

The product is designed to provide real-time customised sports betting interactions. Following a Series A funding round, Future Anthem developed its sports-focused product and integrated experts from sportsbook operators such as William Hill, Betfair, Betway, and Wynnbet.

Amplifier AI’s features include real-time personalisation based on its embedded AI technology, which is capable of processing extensive data in the sports betting domain. This allows the tool to send out multiple custom data points to users while integrating data efficiently.

Operators using Amplifier AI can offer a tailored betting experience, encompassing all stages from the homepage to the final bet slip. The product provides features for audience creation for marketing campaigns, promotion optimization using AI, and real-time analysis to identify potential player behaviors.

Initial implementations of Amplifier AI have shown results in areas such as faster prediction of player churn and improved email open rates for marketing messages. Amplifier AI aims to allow operators to offer real-time interactions based on data, aiming for consistent personalisation in the industry. Those interested in more details about the product can visit Future Anthem’s official website.

“With the official launch of Amplifier AI for sports, Future Anthem is setting a new standard of personalisation for sports operators – and fast,” said Chief Product Officer Ian Tibot.

“The variety of different behavioural styles creates a unique problem for sports operators. Providing a tailored solution for every player, while taking into account the speed and dynamism with which the sports betting experience changes has forced the industry to offer players a one-size-fits-all experience that is homogenous from operator to operator.

“With Amplifier AI, we’ve worked relentlessly to create a data and AI-powered product that personalises every step of the player journey in real-time.”

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