Holland Casino Appoints New Chief Compliance Officer

Malinda Miener has been appointed Chief Compliance Officer at Holland Casino by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

She started as director at Holland Casino in March 2021 and as director of Compliance is responsible, among other things, for the prevention policy and compliance with the law to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. She has a wealth of experience as General Counsel in the research and energy sector. Before that, she was a soldier in the Royal Navy for many years.

Miener said, “Responsible and safe gambling is more urgent and topical than ever. Now that numerous new and foreign players are entering the Dutch market, it is up to Holland Casino to keep raising the bar. Taking that social responsibility is part of Holland Casino. Reliability, involvement and integrity are of paramount importance to us.”

“Obviously we adhere to the rules regarding gambling addiction, money laundering and privacy. At the same time, we consciously take extra steps. Think, for example, of a deposit limit for young adults of a maximum of 400 euros per month at our online casino. Or the increasingly better identification tools that allow us to be able to intervene preventively to prevent an incipient addiction, and of course our public campaign about responsible gaming. The aim is to offer our guests a fun and safe experience in our casinos.

“Taking responsibility together and being decisive in implementation are my core values. I consider it an honour and I think it is important that I can now monitor and promote responsible gambling at the highest level at Holland Casino.”

Willem Bröcker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board commented, “Holland Casino has an exemplary role when it comes to caring for its guests. We are embedding this in the organisation with the appointment of Malinda Miener as Chief Compliance Officer. She has a proven track record when it comes to integrity and corporate responsibility, also within Holland Casino.”

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