Hollywoodbets Collaborates with ClearStake to Enhance Player Protection

Global gambling operator Hollywoodbets has partnered with ClearStake to streamline affordability and source of fund checks, prioritizing player protection while ensuring a seamless user experience.

ClearStake, a platform tailored for the gambling industry, offers a secure and user-friendly solution for players to share their financial data. In just three clicks and 30 seconds, players can securely provide the necessary information. ClearStake categorizes and analyzes the data, providing Hollywoodbets with the relevant insights required to make instant affordability and source of fund decisions.

By leveraging ClearStake’s platform, Hollywoodbets gains the ability to proactively manage its customer base. The platform enables the setting of appropriate limits, ensuring that every player receives adequate protection. Simultaneously, players who desire the freedom to place bets within their means can do so without unnecessary friction.

The collaboration between Hollywoodbets and ClearStake underscores the operator’s commitment to player protection and responsible gambling practices. By utilizing ClearStake’s efficient and secure platform, Hollywoodbets can perform essential affordability and source of fund checks while maintaining a seamless user experience. This partnership enables Hollywoodbets to effectively manage its customer base and promote a safe and enjoyable iGaming environment.

Through this collaboration, Hollywoodbets further demonstrates its dedication to delivering the highest standards of player protection, while allowing players to enjoy their betting experience responsibly.

Martin Burt, CEO at ClearStake, said: “ClearStake has one mission – to support gambling companies in protecting customers while losing as few of them as possible.

“Ensuring the highest player protection is key to any operator and our technology allows businesses to truly know how much every customer can afford to spend while meeting rapidly evolving regulatory requirements.

“We’re delighted to be helping Hollywoodbets to change the face of compliance.”

Tyla Labuschagne, Compliance Manager at Hollywoodbets, said: “It is such a pleasure working with the ClearStake team and using their platform, they are so hands-on and helpful with any queries we have.

“The platform is easy to use and any changes we request are promptly implemented. Our conversion ratio has increased substantially using ClearStake. I would highly recommend ClearStake to other operators.”

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