Introducing Playbook Fusion: Revolutionizing Sports Gaming Content

Steve Rogers, a seasoned industry professional with over 20 years of experience and former Chief Commercial Officer at Inspired Entertainment, unveils the launch of Playbook Fusion, a pioneering studio aimed at introducing innovative sports gaming content to the market.

Playbook Fusion is set to bridge the realms of sports betting and video gaming, presenting a new genre of immersive gambling products designed for operators worldwide.

Spearheading this venture alongside Rogers is Santiago Jaramillo, an esteemed figure in creative video games and technology, who joins Playbook Fusion as Executive Creative Advisor. With over 13 years of AAA gaming experience, Jaramillo has held key roles at EA Sport’s FIFA Franchise and Dapper Labs, where he conceptualized NBA Top Shot, an award-winning blockchain-based product.

This collaboration between gaming and betting expertise promises to redefine the online gaming landscape by merging skill-based gaming with online and mobile betting.

Playbook Fusion’s content suite aims to enhance the betting experience for players, particularly those fond of sports-themed video games, fantasy sports, and virtual sports. The fusion of skill and strategy in Playbook Fusion’s products will empower players, offering them a more engaging and immersive gaming experience where their decisions can influence the outcome.

Debuting with a football game in early 2025, Playbook Fusion plans to expand its offerings to include various sports such as cricket, basketball, and more, providing operators with innovative solutions to cater to diverse player preferences.

Steve Rogers, Founder and CEO of Playbook Fusion, said: “Launching Playbook Fusion provides an incredible opportunity to bring something totally new to the online gaming industry.

“The unique experience within the team from the worlds of video gaming and gambling means we are going to create an entirely new content vertical that will take player engagement to the next level.

“Our games will set the standard for others to follow, and as a pioneer of the format, I am confident that we will quickly become one of the most in-demand sports content providers in the industry.”

Santiago Jaramillo, Executive Creative Advisor to Playbook Fusion, added: “I am thrilled to be part of a venture that stands at the confluence of gaming innovation and sports betting.

“We are bringing together top talent from complementary industries to carve out a new niche in sports betting entertainment that will transform passive interactions into engaging gaming experiences, setting a new standard for what players can expect.”

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