Kambi Elevates Super Bowl LVIII with Advanced SGPs

The recent Super Bowl LVIII not only captivated audiences but also set new records in iGaming engagement, particularly through the utilization of same game parlays (SGPs). These innovative betting options accounted for 26% of the total handle for the NFL’s flagship event, marking a significant five percentage point increase from the previous year.

Kambi, a leader in sports betting services, enhanced the Super Bowl experience by introducing in-game betting and cash-out options for SGPs, a first in the market ahead of last year’s game. This year, the growth in live SGPs across Kambi’s network was especially pronounced, with the in-game handle’s share more than tripling compared to 2024. This surge was notably influenced by the ‘result of drive’ market, an innovative offering by Kambi that became the most popular in-game market following moneyline, spread, and total points.

The event, which witnessed the Kansas City Chiefs securing their third Super Bowl victory in five years under the leadership of Patrick Mahomes, emerged as the most significant single event on the Kambi network over the past 12 months. The total handle for the game exceeded that of the 2023 UEFA Champions League final by over 150%, with the latter being the second-largest event on the Kambi network.

Despite Mahomes’ MVP-worthy performance, neither he nor Brock Purdy of the San Francisco 49ers ranked in the top three for most popular player bets. Instead, the honor went to Christian McCaffrey of the 49ers, with Travis Kelce and Isiah Pacheco of the Chiefs following.

The Super Bowl LVIII underscored the growing significance of offering a diverse range of player props both before and during the event. This category rose to account for 26% of the total handle, up from 20% at the previous Super Bowl, highlighting the evolving preferences and engagement patterns of iGaming enthusiasts.

Kambi’s Head of US Sports, Hans Neskvern, said: “The Super Bowl is always one of the biggest nights of the year across the Kambi partner network, and continual enhancements made to our NFL product have seen us deliver an offering which leads the market in depth and combinability.

“A dramatic conclusion in which the Chiefs further cemented a dynasty not seen since the days of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots rounded off a thrilling season for the NFL and Kambi, which we look forward to building on with our partners throughout 2024.”

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