Keeping Up With LatAm: Checking-in With G&M News

As the exciting LatAm region continues to blossom into one of the largest iGaming hubs in the world, it can be difficult to keep up with the fast evolving markets. 

Operators keen to stay up-to-date with industry news, and gain fresh insights on the region would do well to look at leading, market-specific media platforms like G&M News, who’ve been delivering top-tier, operator-led content to the LatAm market since 2019.

We recently caught up with their Co-founder and Head of Content, Roman Frymer (left), to hear his thoughts on the future growth of key LatAm markets and ask how media platforms like his are helping to drive this momentum.

Many believe that the iGaming industry is overcrowded with events and that it has become a challenge to know which of them are really worth attending. Do you still think there’s space for different types of events to succeed in the sector? What types of events hold the most value for attendees?

“Yes indeed, many of us believe that there are too many events and that they are the same as each other. All gaming events, as well as industry media outlets, focus on suppliers. You see the same games and products on the websites and in the halls of the fairs. There’s no room for surprises. 

“After seeing and analyzing this reality, G&M News decided to change this and create a new paradigm. For us, the operator is the one that matters, both in our multi-platform and in our events. This innovative look at the industry has allowed us to develop a network of land-based and online gaming operators from Mexico to Argentina and beyond. 

“We also give space to female executives, and have promoted operators’ associations. For example, at G&M Eventos Neuquen, a federation of associations of LatAm gaming operators (FAJUL) was launched. We value some events more than others, such as: Clarion Gaming or those of SiGMA; where there are operators, affiliates, new technologies and issues that can surprise you.”

G&M News delivers content across a wide range of LatAm markets. Which countries are the most exciting to cover, and why?

“Our multi-platform and social networks cover original and creative content from all of the Americas, as well as Europe, including Portugal. 

“Regulations are advancing from Canada to Argentina, and these processes are very important to us. In the United States, we cover both commercial and tribal gaming, which is of enormous value. Our company has established strong bonds with operators of each of these markets. We want people from North America to connect with people from South America, we give importance to what happens in Central America, and we seek to exchange experiences between regulators, operators and other industry stakeholders. 

“That’s our academic approach: To share, teach, and learn. LatAm has a lot to learn from Europe and the United States, and also to show, with stable and growing markets, such as Peru, Colombia and Paraguay. Of course, Brazil is the one that attracts the most attention now, due to its size and because everything really needs to be done there. But we should also not rule out the others, including Central America and the Caribbean.”

The hottest topic in LatAm of course is Brazil. Everyone is waiting for the final piece of the regulatory puzzle to be placed. What are your thoughts on the current situation and how soon do you think it will be before the first licenses to operators are handed out?

G&M News has always valued the Brazilian market. In February 2021, we launched our platform in Portuguese, covering the Brazil and Portugal markets. We became the only media outlet in the gaming industry worldwide to produce and offer original content in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

“This year other media outlets understood the importance of Brazil and decided to finally follow our example. This flatters us and reaffirms the step we took in 2021, and the commitment we always showed to Brazil. There is no doubt that it is a key market for everyone. We consider that it is essential that there be a diverse offer, so that the market is not concentrated among three or four companies, with a neat and orderly regulation that responds to the needs of the market. 

“In LatAm, political and economic ups and downs greatly influence these processes. Sometimes, the decision lies with three or four very powerful people. For a well-regulated industry in Brazil, the view must be long-term. Without being fortune tellers, we estimate that, in the middle of next year, the first official regulated operators could start working in Brazil.”

What big plans does G&M News have for 2024? What events will you be hosting and why should people attend?

“In the last four years, we have grown a lot, gradually incorporating more collaborators in all languages, creating more sections, changing our design and technology, and organizing more events. We want to thank the companies and people who have supported us during this time. Of course, this strategy is not a product of chance. We have always been focused on the medium and long terms, with work plans defined with our investors: 2019-2024 and 2025-2030. 

“Regarding the goals for 2024, we will seek to position G&M News as the second most important media operation in the gaming industry based in Latin America. We will continue to deepen our contact with other friendly media in Europe, such as iGamingFuture, as well as boosting business relationships between companies from Spain and LatAm, and from Portugal and Brazil.

“On LinkedIn, where we are by far the most followed and read gaming media in Ibero-America, we will aim to exceed 15,000 followers. As for our meetings, there will be six editions of G&M Events in 2024, already announced several months ago: Portugal (March 26), Spain (April 3-4), Brazil (April 25), Peru (June 10), Paraguay (July 11), Argentina (September 4-5) and Mexico (October 30-31). 

“Why come, you may ask? Among many other advantages, I can mention the opportunity to meet a great number of key operators, with just the necessary suppliers; pleasant and relaxed environments for business and networking; panels of experts who discuss the latest trends in different markets, with attendees being able to ask questions and make comments, sharing their own experiences; unique spaces for women in the industry (ASFEG entity) and associations (FAJUL federation).

“It’s all about participating at G&M Events, hearing our proposals and understanding why they are different from the rest.”

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