Kindred Remain the Top Swedish Employer for Two Years in a Row

Kindred Group plc (Kindred) has been recognised by Karriärföretagen (Career Company) as one of Sweden’s Career Companies 2023. The awarded companies undergo a rigorous selection process by an expert panel and a qualified jury, after which the award is allocated to the winners. Kindred was recognised as an employer offering unique career and development opportunities for graduate students and young professionals at the beginning of their careers. The expert panel also considers factors such as employer attractiveness externally, social media presence and quality, and career pages on the web. The fierce competition is indicated by the fact that 18 companies lost their recognition and were dropped from the previous year’s list.

“We are immensely proud that we once again have been recognised by Karriärföretagen as one of Sweden’s Career Companies for 2023. We are working hard to provide the best possible career journeys within Kindred from entry-level to senior management, as well as across different functions”, says Johan Engberg, Tech Employee Experience Lead at Kindred Group.

“We want to offer our employees the right tools, optimal conditions and challenges that allow people on-the-job development opportunities. This is crucial in the competitive Tech talent market. Our success depends on being able to attract the right people, who want to be part of our journey,” concludes Engberg.

The Jury’s motivation for appointing Kindred a Career Company 2023:

“Kindred Group is a driven and committed employer that does impressive employer branding work. The company’s values and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion shine through in all communications and have created a very attractive and pleasant corporate culture. Kindred Group really values its employees and offers personal tools for development and gives them many career and development opportunities.”

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