Light Up Christmas for Ukraine Joint Initiative of Parimatch and UNITED24

Every day of every Ukrainian begins and ends with these words. Today, we are fighting for the freedom, health, and lives of people despite the large-scale aggression of russia, which has been deliberately destroying the energy system of Ukraine in recent months.

But the approaching holidays allow us to be filled with hope and dream of great things. This is an unusual year, so we ask you for unusual gifts. Christmas is a time for miracles, so you can become real wizards and give us electricity light.

Jointly with Parimatch, the national Ukrainian fundraising platform UNITED24, supported by President Zelensky, has launched the Light up Christmas for Ukrainians campaign and is appealing to donors from all over the world to help raise money for generators for Ukrainian hospitals.

The goal is to raise 500,000 euros, which is enough to purchase generators for 50 hospitals and thus save thousands of lives.

You can make a direct donation on the official donor box platform

We, Ukrainians, feel and appreciate your support. We can see significant things and human values like truth, honesty, love, and peace. With your help, we continue our struggle for freedom together with all the Ukrainian people.

Make a Miracle — Light up Christmas for Ukrainians!

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