LiveScore Group Exclusive Preview: How to Build Winning Brands at SiGMA Europe

Next week our global community gathers in Valletta, Malta, as the largest iGaming show in Europe makes its annual return for what promises to be a record-breaking year for SiGMA Europe 2023

iGaming leaders and international tech innovators will assemble at the Mediterranean Maritime Hub (MMH) from 13th – 17th November for what promises to be a week of unrivalled networking and learning opportunities.

The SiGMA Europe Conference is brimming with great content and will host 250 leading tech and iGaming speakers from across the industry, providing insight, wisdom, guidance, to help you expand your business. 

One of the key speakers will be Chris Reiff, Marketing Director at LiveScore Group

Chris will be taking part in a panel session discussing the dynamics of how to build winning brands in highly competitive, heavily-regulated markets, such as iGaming. 

We caught up with him to hear more about this key topic, to gauge the value attendees will gain from the session and ask why attending SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 is so important to him.

The iGaming industry has an abundance of conferences and events taking place all over the world, throughout the year. How do you decide which ones are worth your time to attend? And why is it so important for you to attend SiGMA Malta and take part this year?

“With our team being spread across multiple countries, conferences are important for us to learn what is new within the iGaming industry, allowing us to discuss changes and new opportunities with our peers, whilst also watching and featuring in key industry panels. 

“We want to make our presence felt within the industry by attending many different conferences and selecting the appropriate team members to be present at each one. Being one of two directors in Malta, it makes sense for both of us to represent LiveScore Group at Sigma. While I certainly appreciate the opportunities that remote working and video conferencing have given us, I believe that face time with business partners is still vital in ensuring strong relationships. Sigma is an unmissable conference in Malta; it is certainly the biggest one, hence giving us the most opportunities to network with our peers and business partners.”

Your panel session taking place at SiGMA Europe 2023 is about building winning digital brands. How has increasingly stringent iGaming regulation impacted our industry’s ability to do this? Is it a limiting factor, or has it provided an opportunity for brands to get more creative and innovative?

“At Livescore Group, we are committed to ensuring a safe and fun environment for players across our territories. Restrictions always challenge brands to innovate, and while some may perceive it as a tug-of-war between regulator and operator, we see it more as working hand-in-hand to ensure that our users and the regulator are confident that the regulated operators are offering an entertaining product, with minimal risks to players. The challenge that needs to be addressed is the importance of being able to differentiate and educate people on the distinctions between regulated products, and those found on the [illicit] market.”

One of the biggest innovations to hit the iGaming market recently has been AI products. These have the potential to transform the way operators approach marketing and CRM activities. What potential do you think AI has for the iGaming sector, and how will it change the role of marketers going forward?

“The AI revolution is happening right now. And we see it as an opportunity that must be explored. At LiveScore Group, we want to be at the forefront of the AI revolution. We believe that AI has the potential to impact and improve every aspect of life, including the iGaming industry. Whether it be automation, behaviour prediction, or administration, a good collaboration between AI and human input will change the marketing game completely.”

Are there any conference sessions at SiGMA Malta that you’re looking forward to attending yourself? Why and who’s speaking?

“I am obviously very interested in what my fellow panellists have to say about how to grow iGaming brands in a digital world. Outside of the panel I’m featured on, I’m keen to attend as many marketing panels as possible since it is always a good idea to get insights from other industry professionals. I am especially interested in watching the discussion after ours, which is on how to use AI to increase SEO performance.”

Editors’ Note:

As mentioned by Chris, it’s exciting to see the growth of our industry and the continued success of winning brands such as LiveScore Group who have been able to strike the balance between offering a highly entertaining product and ensuring minimal risks to players. This helps to highlight the distinctions between regulated products, and those found on the illicit market.  

To learn more about this and, more importantly, how you can leverage this for the future benefit of your business, make sure you attend Chris’s panel session at SiGMA Europe next week! 

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