LuckyDays Lifts its CRM to the Next Level with Symplify

Symplify, the Stockholm-based market leader in CRM and AI cloud solutions, has joined forces with the LuckyDays brand – part of the L7 Entertainment Group, to help drive their CRM operations to the next level.

As the LuckyDays brand continues to expand into new territories across the globe, Symplify will play an integral role in supporting and enabling the delivery of a bespoke iGaming experience for their diverse audience of players.

LuckyDays’ main priority is to provide best-in-market customer service and now, via a frictionless integration with Symplify, they will be able to optimise their CRM strategies to do that.

Symplify’s single CRM Ecosystem will provide razor-sharp real-time integration across multiple channels of communication. Helping LuckyDays to build meaningful relationships with their customers and deploy multichannel engagement strategies at scale.

The intelligent Campaign and Journey builder, developed by Symplify, will ensure LuckyDays is able to maximise player engagement while keeping them safe. Player protection is a core foundation of the business and the features now accessible via the Symplify solution will actively enhance the capability of monitoring and identifying problem gamblers. They will also be able to take advantage of the innovative AI solution that optimises marketing spend and harnesses customer sentiment, boosting overall lifetime player value.

Symplify CEO Robert Kimber said: “L7 Entertainment’s brand LuckyDays has been growing rapidly with recent product launches in Sweden and Ontario. We are excited to be able to support this expansion with our CRM expertise, ensuring LuckyDays players are getting the most value from their customer experiences”.

LuckyDays spokesperson added: “Since the recent market launches, we have made a continued effort to maximise and tailor our service to meet new customer expectations. With Symplify now onside, we’re looking forward to higher quality engagement with our audience, giving them precisely what they want in real time!”

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