MIRACL and Playtech Announce Strategic iGaming Security Partnership

MIRACL, renowned for its unique, single-step multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, has recently disclosed a partnership with Playtech, a prominent figure in gambling technology.

Safety and enhanced user experience are among the topmost priorities for Playtech. The evolving landscape of MFA regulations in the iGaming industry underscores the necessity for advanced player login security. By integrating solutions that amplify the player user experience, there’s an implicit opportunity for added value, such as potential revenue boosts and streamlined customer support for their partners.

Certified by the New Jersey DGE, MIRACL’s passwordless, single-step PIN authentication acts as a comprehensive substitute for conventional usernames, passwords, and 2FA systems. As the industry sees a shift in regulatory requirements, MIRACL is progressively being adopted as the preferred login method by numerous iGaming providers. Given MIRACL’s exemplary 99.9% login success rate, it ensures that potential traffic losses due to login issues are virtually negligible, positioning it as a fitting choice for both the iGaming and Sports Betting sectors.

Rob Griffin, CEO at MIRACL said, “MIRACL both increases operators’ revenues by bringing them more traffic whilst cutting their costs by reducing the need for expensive customer support. Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Playtech to bring our passwordless, single-step yet highly secure login to their customers and users. Passwords are hard to remember, cumbersome for the user and a security nightmare. They are certainly not fit for purpose in the fast-paced, impulse-driven and multi-account environment of iGaming. MIRACL is fast becoming embedded and synonymous with iGaming and Sports Betting enabling the best, secure user experience login across the sector. We are thrilled to be announcing a partnership with the standing and market-reach of Playtech.”

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