Neccton Increases iGaming Market Dominance in Germany

Neccton is already working with many of the leading iGaming companies in Germany including Greentube and Gauselmann, plus three major German lotteries. Another of the country’s top gambling brands coming onboard for maximum player protection simply cements Neccton’s dominance in the country, and mentor’s reputation.

NOVO INTERACTIVE is the online gambling arm of LÖWEN-Gruppe, one of Germany’s leading operators – and now their players can enjoy enhanced protection from problem gambling behaviour thanks to this agreement.

NOVO INTERACTIVE’s online players will now be guarded by mentor’s AI-based solution that analyses player behaviour in real-time to prevent problem gambling habits from evolving.

mentor recognises possible problematic behaviour and works to help both player and operator to identify and address the issue.

mentor is a ground-breaking player tracking tool that identifies possible problematic gambling behaviour, alerts the operator and contacts players who display critical behaviour directly. For example, players are informed when their deposit frequency is increasing significantly and helps customers make better-informed decisions about their play with individualised feedback.

Neccton’s work in Germany is reinforced by recently implemented legislation, with a state treaty coming into force from July 1st. Now, operators have a legal framework to offer online slots and casino games to players in Germany. This legislation contains several responsible gambling measures, including a monthly maximum deposit limit, and online operators must monitor player behaviour for signs of problematic play.

Dr. Michael Auer, Director and Head of Development at Neccton, explains the software’s success in Germany. He said: “Our software is simply very reliable, simple to use for staff, and most importantly it gives players real-time alerts about their own behaviour, using cognitive dissonance to help them break harmful patterns of play.

“Customers who are looked after this way are proven to be customers for longer, with much greater overall value to the operator, without falling prey to the dangerous behaviours of gambling addiction.”

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